wiaw #20- sips and salads

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Firstly, I just want to say I’m so excited you all loved the recipe for the raw veggie stir-fry I posted on Monday! Sometimes I wonder whether anyone will be interested in something so simple. But you guys definitely appreciate the simple things in life ;) And for that, I thank you!

Since it’s Wednesday, that can only mean on thing! It’s time for some What I Ate Wednesday fun. For those of you who are new to the idea, this is a weekly blog party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons where foodie bloggers post about their daily eats so we can all drool over each other’s deliciousness. Head over to Jenn’s blog to check out all the other posts!

This week, I’ll share a couple recipes with you (!!) and also give you a couple sneak peaks to others that are coming soon. And since July’s theme is fitness, I’ll share with you the workout I did as well. It wasn’t much, I wasn’t feeling too awesome. BUT I had a really good day of eats so without further ado let’s get into it!

What I Ate Wednesday- Sips and Salads!

This was a delicious day of refreshing beverages and salads!


warm lemon water to start my day!

insert a mental workout here. Well maybe not a workout per say, but definitely a mental exercise!- meditation! I decided to join in with the 21 Day Meditation Challenge where each day you are emailed a link to a short guided meditation with a focus on Love. This was Day 2 and so far I’m really enjoying it! I gave meditation a good shot during my cleanse a couple months ago, but it has fallen to the wayside since. I found it helped with my stress levels a lot so I’m doing this challenge as a way to get back into the habit!


I decided to take a break from the green smoothies today in favour of a Red Velvet Smoothie! Don’t worry, there are still a veggie in there though ;) This was a nice change of pace and it really tasted like the cake! Scroll down for the recipe!


Next up I had some of my Raw Pizza Bites. These are seriously so good- you feel like you’re biting into a cheese pizza- but it’s raw, grain-free and vegan! Recipe coming soon ;)


Next up at work I had a salad with a Mediterranean theme. I had some mixed greens with artichoke hearts, black olives, tomatoes, quinoa and sunflower seeds with a simple lemon juice and hemp oil dressing with fresh ground pepper. This was a super satisfying light lunch (which I ate at 10 am…my work schedule is weird…)

Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer<sup>®</sup>

Came home and did my workout! Today I did a quick once since I had to go back out soon and I was really tired. I did the cardio routine from Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. Now I am not a big Tony Horton fan…I tried P90X a few years ago and only got a couple weeks in because I found him a little annoying and couldn’t listen to him anymore! But these 10 minute routines are great! Small doses of Tony are best :) He really works you for those 10 minutes!

I also worked on my wall sit. I’m up to 2 min 45 seconds!

I find the key to this is to watch something while you’re doing it and don’t put your hands on your legs like in the picture! I found when I did that it made the pose easier- I would push on my thighs with my hands, lessening the load on my core. Keep your hands off!


After this workout I had a little time to kill before heading out so I snacked on some of these cookies- Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies to be exact. I made them for a staff potluck a while ago and they were very well received so I had to make another batch so I could share them with you all! I have a recipe coming up for these as well. I’m going to pretend I didn’t eat 4 of these…


When I got back home I was miserable- it was sooo hot out yesterday and my car’s air conditioning isn’t the best. So when I got back home I felt drained and dehydrated. So I whipped up this Blueberry Peach Kombucha Slushy that was inspired by this drink from Gena at Choosing Raw. Scroll down for the recipe!


For dinner, I was so tired, I was honestly going to have a bowl of cereal. But then I remembered that I was going to have to post photos of what I ate. Not wanting to be boring, I decided to whip up this salad instead. Thank you WIAW for saving me from a boring, uninspired dinner ;)This is a Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad with a Coconut Curry Dressing. It’s a great way to have a curry, but without the heaviness of the traditional preparations. Not going to lie, I snacked on one more cookie to fuel me through the prep. Recipe coming soon!

After dinner I sipped on some tea and indulged in a little raw chocolate.

Now for the recipes!


Red Velvet Smoothie (Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-Free, Raw)

This smoothie tastes like a dessert but it healthy enough for breakfast! The beets give it a great colour and an earthy sweetness! The optional ingredients give it a little more staying power, but are, of course, optional!

  • 1 medium beet, peeled and chopped
  • 1 apple, cored
  • 1/2 cup nondairy yogurt (I used So Delicious Coconut in plain)
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch cinnamon
  • stevia to taste (I added 2 drops chocolate stevia)
  • Optional additions:
    • 1/2 a frozen banana
    • 1 tsp flax seeds
    • a few almonds
    • protein powder (I added 1/2 a scoop of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend in Natural)

Put all ingredients in a blended and blend away! Serve with some cacao nibs sprinkled on top!


Blueberry Peach Kombucha Slushy (Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free)

This beverage is insanely refreshing and filled with probiotic goodness from the kombucha. The ginger gives it a bit of a kick!

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen peach slices
  • 1 cup kombucha (I used my homebrewed kombucha which is a green tea base but use whatever your favourite is)
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger

Pop it all in a blender and blend!

I just noticed how similar both those drinks look. Haha oops. I promise they taste different!

That’s it for me today! Have a wonderful day and check back soon for one of the teaser recipes!

Which recipe would you all rather see, the “Raw Pizza Bites” or “Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad with a Coconut Curry Dressing”?

53 thoughts on “wiaw #20- sips and salads

  1. Seriously Gabby I need to come live with you so you can cook for me everyday – the red velvet smoothie and the sweet potatoes on the salad have me drooling all over my desk :)

  2. Pingback: Too Strong Papa Z’s Raw Green Lions Te Salad & Lemon Ginger Dressing. | Deliciously Wild

  3. I made the red velvet smoothie today, it was so good. It was a nice change of pace from the standard green or fruity blends. Thank you so much for posting the recipes, I check your blog often for inspiration and have made quite a few of the recipes.

  4. Mmm red velvet smoothie looks delish and looks so smooth! I will have to try a beet in a smoothie. Can’t wait for quinoa choco chip cookies! :)

  5. I vote PIZZA BITES!!!

    They sound awesome.

    I LOVE the colour of that red velvet smoothie – so vibrant. Beets are amazing little things, aren’t they? Misty dug mine out of my garden, so no home grown beets for me this year :(

  6. Hahaha! I had to comment today because of the Tony Horton thing. First of all, let me say I completely agree about him! His was of delivering the workout is a bit ‘nails on a chalkboard’, but I think his ab and leg workouts are great! That beet smoothie looks so pretty, and the pizza bites recipe is something I’ll definitely have to come back for!

    • So good to hear from you Annie! I personally don’t feel P90X is worth it, but I know others love it. 40-60min of Tony everyday is a little too much for me. I have a feeling you’d agree ;) But yes 10 min Trainer is a nice amount of time!

  7. Red velvet smoothie looks wonderful! I would have to say the PIZZA BITES. Kudos on the wall sit! Those are tough and your time is great! I am loving my planks – 5 minutes and then rebounding. Going to go do them right now after this. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Kibby! Pizza bites are a popular one- what is it about pizza that just get’s everyone salivating? ;)

      Wall sits are tough, but I actually find planks a little more difficult mentally, I’m not sure why! Maybe it’s just that now that I have combated plank and have achieved my 5 min, I feel like everything is easier in comparison? I would LOVE to try rebounding! One day, I’ll invest in one! Enjoy your workout!

      • I know mine does! I look at tutorials or clothes all the time and think “I can totally do that!” And then I sit down to do it…and so much goes wrong, leaving me unhappy and my sewing-ego a bit bruised. Hah;3#82&0aso I know where you’re coming from!

  8. Great post Gabby! Love the Red Velvet smoothie idea- I will definitely be trying that one out! Mmm I have been so in love with Kombucha lately…a Kombucha slushy sounds divine:) Can’t wait to make that salad, too!

    • I really enjoy your love for Kombucha too :) I love drinking it as is, but it’s so fun to mix it up a bit while still getting all the benefits and tangy goodness! Thanks for all your kind words! Let me know if you try that smoothie out and if you like it!

  9. Perfect timing with the Red Velvet smoothie – I just ate my first beet the other day (apparently I hate *pickled* beets, which led me to avoid them for years – but cooked beets are actually really good!) I have a bunch of beets that I need to use up from my weekly veg box, so this will liven up the smoothie routine too!
    Do you cook the beet or use it raw?
    The pizza bites look really good – but also want that salad dressing recipe eventually!
    p.s. I love cereal for dinner too… :)

    • It’s always too bad when one bad experience with a food makes us miss out on all it’s goodness for years after. I’m glad you’ve rediscovered beets though! They have such a great earthy flavour :)

      In this smoothie, I used them raw. But roasting brings out a bit more sweetness and makes them easier to blend. So depending on how you feel/the strength of your blender, it’s up to you!

      Don’t worry both recipes will come! I will see which one gets the most votes by the end of the day and that one will be first. But both will be up in the next week.

      Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than a huge bowl of cereal :)

  10. I can’t wait to see those pizza bites…you have me intrigued! I love the color of all your drinks/smoothies for the day!

    I should really look into doing some sort of meditation in place of my intense cardio workouts. I think doing something that is more low key and connects you with your inner self can be just as rewarding as a physically intense workout. Working out your mind is just as beneficial and good for you. Unfortunately, I have a hard time sitting still for any length of time, so it would definitely be a challenge for me!

    • Thanks! I was so proud of the great colours I got from my drinks yesterday! usually they end up weird colours because I throw greens in lol. The pizza bites are really delicious, I can’t wait to share them!

      I am a very fidgity person and relaxing my mind is something I’ve never been good at. I’m liking this challenge because it’s short meditations that are guided about half the time and then you just breathe for the rest. It’s a nice way to ease into it and since I’m such a stress case when I’m in school, I’d like to try and develop a little meditation practice before I got back in September. Hopefully it will help!

  11. So many yummy things in this post! That red velvet smoothie is GORGEOUS!! What a lovely color and it sounds so good! I absolutely can’t wait for the pizza bite recipe! And the cookie recipe! I bet those would be so good to bring when I’m working weddings! I’m a big fan of portable snacks that are satisfying and not horrible for you ;) The sweet potato and lentil salad looks so beautiful too, I love roasted veggies in salads :)

    Awesome job powering through your workout even though you weren’t feeling well! I can’t wait to get back to my workout routine.

    I am so excited for all of the yummy things you have planned for us! i think I’m going to make the maple walnut bites this weekend :)

    Have a great day, hope you are feeling better!

    • Well thank you my dear! I love when smoothies come out a nice colour! Since I usually opt for green smoothies, mine usually come out a murky brownish/green colour or at least a really dull colour. So this one was such a treat! I will definitely post all of those recipes soon. I got inspired one day and made so many snack-type things. They are so handy to have around! And yes, roasted veggies just take salads to a whole new level!

      I had to do the same thing today with my workout, but it feels really good knowing I got a little exercise in :) Makes me feel better about vegging out the rest of the day.

      Let me know how you like those maple walnut bites if you end up making them! I’m so excited for you and your weekend off!

      Hope your day is going well!

  12. Cereal for dinner.. oh yes, I remember those days…. although sometimes I crave my chocolate oats after work, too…. I resist the urge though!

    But , pray-tell, why must I choose between 2 delicious dishes? Share both!!! :)

    • I almost always resist cereal for dinner- smoothies are a regular occurence but cereal is a rarity. I think I feel less guilty with a smoothie because there’s lots of fruits and veggies in those ;) Some days though, you just need something insanely simple.

      Haha I will share them both don’t you worry! Just trying to decide which one first…

  13. Hard choice to pick between salad and pizza bites. but from the look of the salad i think i might be able to recreate without the exact recipe. BUT the raw pizza bites i have no idea what you put in! so pleeease share! the cookies look great too! quinoa is such an amazing seed/grain to bake with! in Austria spelt is quite famous for baking. do you eat spelt (i know it has traces of gluten)!? or no gluten at all?

    • I was so proud of the pizza bites, I can’t wait to share them with you! And yes, quinoa is so fun to bake with- I love that it adds protein to the dish so it’s more filling! I have used spelt flour quite often actually. I go through phases with it. Sometimes I go completely off gluten and other times I make exceptions :). I love the nutiness of spelt, so good in baked goods!

      • sounds similar to what i do, i have on and off phases with spelt but can never get enough of quinoa and buckwheat. The most important thing is to change up the grains ALL THE TIME, no?

      • oh dear i could spend so much on that box, i kind of lost track of the money while buying so i need to select a bit. but if u like my package, i will send u another one as a welcome to your new home gift ;)

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