how to fuel for your workout properly and pre-workout superfood energy bites!

Good day my fellow health enthusiasts! I’m really excited about today’s post. Do you all remember how a while ago I blogged a bit about how tired and lethargic and unmotivated I was feeling? While I’m still not feeling my … Continue reading

my first steps

For anyone who knows me, they can tell you I am not one to thrust myself in to the center of things or to seek attention. I prefer to observe quietly from the side, not a wallflower per say, but I’ve always enjoyed watching rather than being watched. This is how I have approached the blogging world until now, following endless numbers of bloggers in their adventures and living vicariously through them.

Well no more! I’ve decided to take the leap and become part of a community that has provided me with endless laughs, ideas and a feeling of community. Blogs have been my outlet for all things food and health and now I want to be an active participant!

I am a 20-something girl living in Kingston, ON and I have a passion for whole, plant-based foods and healthy living, in the physical, mental and spiritual senses. I feel that we each have a right to be happy, healthy and strong and I am trying to live in a way that helps me achieve these things and find a balance that works. I don’t believe in rigidity or definitive terms when it comes to my approach to food and health- I believe that when we impose restrictions, there is too much opportunity to feel bad for a particular choice, be it a rich dessert or choosing to sleep-in instead of exercising. I think if we listen to our bodies carefully we can find what works, and only our bodies know what is best for us.

Over the course of the last few years I have discovered that I am happiest and healthiest following a vegan plant-based diet that incorporates lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats, interspersed with treats (because life’s just better with them!). I used to be afraid of fats and calories but now I absolutely love avocados, nut butters, coconut and chocolate and eat all 4 of these on a regular basis. I have come to love yoga for its calming and restorative powers and high-intensity interval training for its energizing qualities. I don’t try to force myself to do long hours of cardio anymore, in which I find no enjoyment. I exercise not because I should but because I want to!

So here it goes! A collection of my musings and experiments with food and healthy living. I’d love to hear from all of you so please feel free to say hello!