updates and a new spin on cereal

Hello friends! Today is Sunday, which means the official ending of the first phase of my cleanse! I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the last couple weeks, I’m a little sad to see them gone! Some of my favourite … Continue reading

superfoods: hemp and maca

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all not feeling toooo many negative effects from various celebrations and shenanigans last night. But if you are don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today I have 2 nutritious recipes for you that utilize … Continue reading

vegan, gluten-free irish soda bread pudding with irish coffee for st. patrick’s day

Last St. Patrick’s Day, I actually spent in Ireland and believe me it was pure insanity. The streets of Dublin were lined wall to wall with crazy partiers (most of them tourists), every pub, bar and restaurant was packed to … Continue reading

benefits of broccoli and a banana bread smoothie

We all know we are supposed to eat our veggies and that green ones are particularly good for us, but this new research on broccoli shows a direct link between broccoli and other greens and cancer prevention!  Basically broccoli is … Continue reading

cold-pressed coffee and a healthy peppermint mocha

My recent adventure into eating more “Thrive Foods” has brought me toward eating more alkalizing and less acid-forming, stress-promoting foods. Unfortunately for me, this includes coffee. I had actually greatly reduced my coffee-intake over the last year. While I was … Continue reading