wiaw- mad about cherries and quickie workouts!

Good day friends!

Wow it seems like the weeks are going by faster and faster. I could SWEAR I just posted my last What I Ate Wednesday post. But no, here we are again, for another round of drooling over each other’s pictures of food. And, since Jenn, the lovely girl behind What I Ate Wednesday has made the theme for this month fitness, I’ll also be sharing what workouts I’ve been enjoying!

Before I get into that though, just a quick little update on health-related issues mentioned in my last couple posts (1 & 2)- I have bought a couple books to read and bought a new iron supplement that came highly recommended from some bloggers and readers. I also got back on track with other supplementation that I slack on at times including vitamin D and omega-3s. Anything I discover or any changes I make, I will make sure to keep you posted on!

And now with out further ado I bring you…

Peas and Crayons

What I Ate Wednesday- Mad About Cherries and Quickie Workouts!

These are my eats from Monday, July 9.



warm lemon water as usual, also had my omega 3s, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.



I had the day off so breakfast wasn’t another green smoothie! I instead made an oat parfait that included some quick cherry jam, peaches, ginger oats with blackstrap molasses and tahini (for iron), coconut yogurt and buckwheat groats. YUM. I can post the recipe if you’re interested!


so obsessed with cherries right now!

Morning Tea


I went and ran some errands (got myself a liquid iron supplement, did some foodie pen pal shopping!) and got some iced Amaretto Herbal Tea from David’s Tea. I forgot to take a picture of it prepared but here’s the tea itself! Lightly sweetened with agave it was delicious.


Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Did Level 3 of this DVD. I’m almost done the 30 days! I have to say I have definitely seen changes since starting this. What’s even better, each workout is only 20 minutes. It’s a hard 20 minutes though!

Post-Workout Smoothie


No lunch today since my workout was strangely timed. But I did have this awesome green smoothie post-workout made with Maqui powder and it was sooo delicious!

Afternoon Snacking


I was making a batch of this Chocolate Cherry Almond Granola up with added chocolate chips and while I didn’t actually eat any of it, I did snack on some of it’s ingredients some chocolate chips.


I saw some almond milk yogurt at the store the other day and I got so excited! I’ve never seen them at my store before!


I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t a huge fan. I probably should have known better than to buy the cherry flavour. While I love cherries, I hate cherry-flavoured things. It tasted kind of fake, was really sweet and was kind of lumpy even after I stirred it forever! I have another flavour so we’ll see how it compares!


yes this whole plate was my dinner. There’s actually a lot of veggies under the pasta so I swear it’s not as much as it looks like! I made this House Dressing by Chef AJ on the recommendation of Somer. Oh man, that is good stuff, so tangy! I served it on a simple romaine salad with some orange cherry tomatoes I found at the grocery store. With that is steamed broccoli, parsnips and spinach with brown rice pasta and a veggie dog. I don’ eat those very often, but I had bought some to take to a barbeque and have leftovers. I wish I didn’t like them as much as I do!



A bowl of cherries. Have to eat them as much as possible before they’re gone! And I know I said I was going to try and stop snacking after dinner, but I figure a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit isn’t so bad right?

And now for a couple of my favourite workouts lately!

Lori and Michelle at Purely Twins have made this 5 minute plank workout that is so tough and challenging. You can really feel it toning your abs and it works your entire body! As I am writing this, they posted how they are starting bridge work to complement the planks. I’ll have to start that soon!

Good quickie workout for when you only have a few minutes


Some great Yin Yoga poses to help release tension. It was hard for me to get into the mindset of holding simpler poses for a long time, but it feels so good after!

In addition to these workouts, the ladies at Purely Twins have inspired me to do my own challenge! In particular, since I had so much fun challenging myself to hold plank, I am going to try and work on my wall sit!

I did my first one of the challenge yesterday and got to 2 minutes. I’m going to keep working on this and hopefully update you on my progress!

Peas and Crayons

As you can see I’ve been pretty obsessed with all things cherry lately. What will I do when this beautiful fruit is no longer in season??

Have a lovely day everyone!

52 thoughts on “wiaw- mad about cherries and quickie workouts!

  1. The breaky parfait looks so delish Gabby! Im addicted to cherries right now. Have a few of Jillian’s workouts… haven’t done them in a while. Perhaps I should get them out!

  2. I also have a fitness crush on Jillian. 30 Day Shred was the first fitness dvd I ever bought and now I have her yoga dvd, Ripped in 30, and Extreme Shed and Shred. I highly recommend Ripped. I’ve only done Extreme once but I liked it, it has a lot of different moves. I remember barely being able to do one of her 20 minute workouts and now I’m doing 45 minutes Insanity workouts. Jillian workouts are tough, but not compared to Insanity. I’ll be happy when I can go back to Jillian :)

    • I have those ones too! But I’ve actually never done the Ripped in 30- that will have to be my next one! The Insanity workouts must be crazy! You are probably hugely benefiting from them.

      I always seem to come back to Jillian ;)

  3. Ew fake cherry is the WORST…. it actually burns my mouth. Fake cherry and fake apple tastes = blahhhhh. Gross. They remind me of the “kiddie medicine” we used to have to take as kids…. they tried to make it “fun” flavoured so you would take it!

    I would still like to try almond milk yoghurt though, I don’t think it is available anywhere here :(

    • I’ll have to add fake banana and fake grape to that list lol. Pretty much all fake flavours!

      I know what you mean, even if I hear a vegan alternative isn’t great, I still want to buy it and try it. I like supporting businesses who make the effort even if I don’t love the product. Hopefully you find some soon!

  4. I am the same way with fruit flavored things tasting so fake! Cherry and banana are the worst flavors to try and mimic…yuck! I’d rather stick to the fresh ones.

    Yeah, and the texture of that almond yogurt reminds me of curdled milk, which just makes my stomach turn. I did not like it at all when I tried it. The So Delicious coconut yogurt is a bit better, although I just have had a hard time finding vegan yogurt I like. If you find any other good ones, let me know…such a quick and easy snack that I sometimes miss.

    I love Jillian’s workouts, although I have yet to get past the 1st level, but I don’t do them often, so I guess that’s my excuse…?!?!?

    • Ya fake cherry tastes like that terrible medicine they try and make taste good for kids! I don’t get it!

      For nondairy yogurts, I’ve actually started making my own coconut milk yogurt but I ran out which led to me buying the almond milk ones. If you want I can pass on the link! It’s good because you can choose to flavour it or not and it is super low in sugar! All you need to start it is a package of plain coconut yogurt.

      I have a bit of a fitness crush on Jillian lol. I used to do it occasionally as well and never went passed level 1. It was only when I started doing it every other day that I moved up, so I totally get that :)

  5. Great WIAW Gabby – I am so happy to hear that you are trying a few different things to get those levels back up!

    Thank you for posting about he 30 day shred I have been curious about this – I have a few friends that have this but never completed the full 30 days – I am happy to hear some good feedback and have seen changes :)

    Please share your breakfast parfait, i love your quick and easy breakfast recipes, like i said i am hooked on the oatmeal smoothie.

    • Thanks Heather! Everyone was so open and generous with advice for me so I have lots to go on in getting back on track. I’ll keep posting on it just in case others find it helpful!

      Ya I’m really liking the 30 day shred. I’ll be writing a full post on it soon but overall I recommend it!

      I’ll get that parfait recipe up for you soon :)

  6. I recently tried the Amande yogurt and was a tad bit disappointed in the texture. I bought the Vanilla flavored one so I actually liked the taste but not the texture. When that one was finished I bought the coconut milk one by So Delicious and OMG the texture is so creamy! Try that one if you haven’t yet. Again, I bought the vanilla flavored one and thought the taste was pretty good. I’m not a fan of fruit flavored yogurts because they generally taste fake to me. Between the two (IMO), So Delicious had the better texture and Amande had the better flavor. Happy WIAW and very yummy eats! ;)

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who was unimpressed! Yes, I’ve tried the So Delicious coconut yogurt, in fact, I have some in my fridge lol. I actually like making my own coconut yogurt but I ran out so in a pinch I bought some. But making your own is awesome because you can tweak the flavour :) I’ll keep my eye out for the vanilla almond one though, just to try it. I like supporting companies that provide vegan products, whic is why I really want to like it!

  7. Hi Gabby. I’ve just been catching up on your last few posts. I’m also sorry to hear about your vitamin levels. I remember reading in the 80/10/10 book (sorry I keep going on about this book) that you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb. Douglas Graham thinks if you are eating healthily (and you are taking a supplement) and you’re still absorbing the nutrients it’s because your body isn’t digesting it well enough to be able to absorb it, and seeing as you have digestion trouble (as I do too when I eat foods that don’t agree with me) this might be worth looking at. He says by detoxing on a raw food diet it can massively improve your digestion. It worked for me anyway, but it’s pretty extreme, but even after the first all raw day I felt a million times better until my detox symptoms started. Anyway, you’ve got loads of advice, so I’m glad you’re being well supported. I’m sure by trial and error you’ll get there eventually.

    We’re all on a journey trying to improve our health, and it takes a long time. Just keep trying things until you find what fits with you.

    Your oat parfait sounds absolutely amazing!

    I have also done that 4 minute workout. My workouts got less and less and now almost non existent! I also tried a plank workout but only managed 2 minutes. I also do the wall squats as part of my own routines that I remembered from P90X that used to kill me. I can only do 1 minute so well done on your 2 minutes. I also tried to go for a run with my baby in the stroller for the first time yesterday. It was raining (as usual) and I was as unfit as last time I started running so it wasn’t fun!

    I’m also in love with cherries. I’d have them in everything if I could and I totally relate to couldn’t be bothered to pit them too. There is a shop about 30 minutes away from me that sells frozen cherries, which I used to make this green smoothie. If you can be bothered to pit them I’m sure you’d love this recipe. I also found some great time saving cherry pitters too.


    Thanks for these great posts.

    • Thanks for your advice Katherine! I think I find the concept ov going completely raw a little daunting but, of course, there’s nothing I’m not prepared to try and I do love challenging myself! I will definitely look into that book! I’ve been finding myself wanting to introduce a little more raw back into my life anyway- lately I’ve been moving back towards more cooked foods, mostly out of laziness. I felt a lot better when I was eating a little more raw so definitely need to change that!

      Thanks :) It was quite the delicious way to wake up :)

      I love 4 minute Tabata workouts- I hate feeling like I’m wasting time and I definitely don’t feel that way with that one! I completely credit my recent more intense workouts with my wall-sit. I know I tried one a couple months ago and definitely didn’t do nearly as well. Wow running with a stroller! I could never do it! Good for you for trying to get back into it! I wouldn’t worry about your workouts becoming less and less. We all go through times where life gets in the way!

      I have been meaning to buy some frozen cherries!The store I usually go to doesn’t sell them though so I’d have to go out of my way. Not a big deal just have to actually get myself to do it lol. I will definitely try out your smoothie when I get my hands on some :)

      Thanks for reading and all your advice and kind words!

      • yes cooked food is ironically much more convenient sometimes. It’s just very filling for not many bites so it’s quick and easy. When I was on an all raw diet I must admit getting sick of always having to be eating just to get enough calories to stop myself getting hungry. I now try and make at least half of every meal raw now so I get some of everything. I also find unprocessed food makes me feel a lot healthier too but it also requires a lot more work making everything from scratch. Apart from rice cakes and oat cakes I don’t really have anything in the house that’s processed as I eat it all in one go, no self restraint! It’s hard trying to get the balance right between good health and eating for pleasure!

  8. That parfait looks so great! I love the little cherry on top!

    Thanks for the review of the amande yogurt- I’ve been eye-balling it, but haven’t tried it yet. Good to know that it’s not all that.

    I hope you are well, my friend! Take care! :-)

    • Thanks Kristy! Since I had the time to make breakfast a little more special I figured why not make it dessert-like? lol

      Yes that yogurt’s not the best. I have a coconut flavoured one still to try and I will let you know! Hopefully it’s a little better although I hear the texture is pretty much the same all around. And I’m not a fan of lump textures…

      Hope you have a wonderful week Kristy :)

  9. how delicious Gabby! oh my gosh! i love how you served the parfait in a mason mug! so cute!! and that pasta looks gooooood:) i love planks — they really make me feel the burn! haha have a great afternoon!

    • Haha thank you Caralyn! My only wish is that I had made a bigger portion so the parfait would have filled the entire mason mug :) But I doubt I would have been able to eat the whole thing! So maybe it’s all for the best ;)

      Yes, planks hurt so good! When I do them it’s almost as if I can feel my abs becoming more toned lol. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  10. Uh oh Gabby – it looks as though I missed a few posts and need to get caught up with you! I hope you are feeling better though! Of course cherries are an all time fave of mine and I can rarely stay away during the summer months! I actually had a veggie dog over the weekend, and I will admit too they are strangely delicious…..I want to not like them…..but it is too hard!

  11. I adore Maqui in my smoothies too! My cherry obsession is going on too! I have 4 baggies in the fridge (sale last week and stocked up!)

  12. Ha, I have the 30 day shred video too! I’ve never actually done it 30 days in a row though, and I bounce around between the levels (3 is my favorite, 2 kind of annoys me) :)

  13. oooh lots to comment on in this post! Nice job with the workouts, they sound so challenging! I’m working on figuring out new workouts that won’t aggravate my neck because I’m bumming out big time not being in my regular routine.

    That parfait looks amazing! I’m also a big fan of cherries so I know the feeling, ha! That cherry chocolate granola sounds SO GOOD!! I really have to try that! I’ve tried that yogurt before and I had similar results. I was ok with the strawberry flavor but I couldn’t stand the peach flavor. Like one bite and then I threw it out bad. I find that brand to be very hit or miss. That spoon is amazing by the way! Dinner looks great too :)

    Your positivity re: your health is inspiring! Keep it up lady, I’m sure you’ll find some answers soon enough! Have a great day!

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m a big fan of short workouts where you work hard! You see the same health benefits, but save time and feel powerful :)

      I am going to miss cherries when they’re gone! And ya, I had such high hopes for the yogurt- I hate it when I don’t like nondairy foods because I love that they are trying.

      Thanks for your support :) I feel so much better emotionally and I know you are part of that!

  14. I like to start my day with lemon water as well! I also love all things cherry :) and you made everything look and sound so incredible! Hooray for cherries! (and Chocolate too)!

  15. I love cherries, too – but here is their problem: I have to pit them!! I grumbled (not really) when I have to pit my cherries before I throw them into my oatmeal… I got used to just throwing in blueberries but I guess strawberries also need to be hulled. Oh, woe is me, right? Ha! Love it. I hope to learn through you and your adventures in nutrition. Remember that it could be problems completely unrelated to your diet.. ie, pernicious anemia for the low vitamin B12 – it is very common! Did you know your liver can store up to 2 years worth of vitamin B12? Anyways, interesting stuff… keep up with the blackstrap molasses. I can see it in your upcoming granolas! :)

    • Haha omg I totally feel your cherry pain! I actually just commented on how I really want to make a cherry smoothie but can’t be bothered to pit them! I usually go for blueberries and raspberries precisely because theres no pitting required. We lead such hard lives don’t we ;)

      Yes, hopefully when I get to see a naturopath or something like that I can start to explore other explanations. For now I will keep trucking through! And yes, that molasses is just ASKING to be put in a granola!

      Have a great day :)

  16. Hey Gabby,
    I feel badly I had wanted to comment on your health confession post a few days ago but I was swamped with end of semester final prep. I definitely feel for you and I am sorry to hear you are struggling with low energy. I myself have been feeling the same and I have been trying many other things that seem to be improving so I thought I would share (although I’m not getting any levels checked so obviously no guarantee) I am not strong like you and I could not give up coffee so I continue to have that but I only use 1/2 cup and then I put a heaping tablespoon of blackstrap molasses which has become my new best friend. (house of herbs label has almost en entire days worth in 1 tbsp!) I have also cut down dramatically on the amount of fruit I eat because I think it was causing too many sugar highs and lows. Although too funny because yesterday I broke and decided to buy a bag of cherries because I am also totally addicted!! I do not take iron supplements and I did some research after I read your post where some things I found had said that taking too much iron at 1 time can backfire and also that spinach can negatively impact iron absorbtion?! I know crazy right? I have also cut down on the amount of calcium fortified non-dairy milks I was drinking because that negatively impacts iron absorbtion. Also I know you are a big tea person and I am sure you already know that can impact iron levels, as well as cocoa. I hope this does some good and is not me just rambling on, but I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and what your going through and I hope you are feeling better everyday!

    • Aww Heather, don’t worry and thank you so much :) I really appreciate your advice! That”s a really good idea mixing molasses in your coffee! I drink an herbal coffee alternative and I bet it would be awesome in that! I’ll have to track that brand down. Also, I’ve heard about the spinach which sucks, but I never even considered the potential effects of calcium fortified products! And I definitely eat a ton of fruit so thats something to play around with for sure- although I hate to give it up! Aren’t cherries just the best? Lol

      Anyway, thanks so much, I’m really going to take what you’ve said and try and incorporate it into my diet and life. I think I’ll keep taking my knew iron supplement to get my stores up then go from there.

      You’re awesome Heather, so glad we’ve met :)

    • Oooh sounds delicious! I so badly want to make a cherry smoothie but I’m lazy and don’t want to pit the cherries lol. I should invest in a cherry pitter!

      Oh chocolate and kale are delicous together :) I haven’t had a kale smoothie in a while, but now I want one!

  17. I understand why you are obsessed with cherries my friend, your breakfast looks gorgeous :D
    Awesome WIAW!
    Thank you for the work out tips also my friend!

    Choc Chip Uru

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