wiaw: sugar-free eating

Hello dear readers! Today is going to be a fairly quick post, lots to do!

So today is Wednesday and in much of the foodie blogosphere that means it’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) time.

For those of you who don’t know What I Ate Wednesday is a blog party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons where healthy foodies all over catalogue their eats for a day/week/whenever they want and then link it up so everyone can ogle at each others eats. Food bloggers are funny that way ;)

This week’s theme: sugar-free eating and sensible snacking. I’ve been participating in Alex’s Sugar-Free Challenge where I cut out all sweeteners, including stevia for 10 days. 7 days done and it’s going really well! So here’s a look at what Monday looked like for me!


warm lemon water to start my day. a recycled photo


green smoothie with banana, kiwi, cucumber, avocado, spinach, maca powder, walnuts, flax seeds and spirulina. served with some pu er tea. awesome!


an apple and macadamia nut butter. post-consumption photo obviously ;)


a salad with pan-fried tofu cubes and roasted radishes inspired by Heather at Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes– she has made me a radish lover :)


going for a more savoury snack here- trying to lower my consumption of natural sugars a bit and snacks seem like an easy choice for making changes. chopped red bell pepper with chipotle-cashew dip. i need to post this recipe soon- i’ve shown it a few times now! sorry for the poor quality phone pic.


a really random, but good meal- quinoa cooked with lime zest and coriander with a crumbled quinoa, kidney bean and walnut burger, diced bell pepper, tomato and avocado, a couple crumbled mary’s gone crackers and chipotle-cashew dip all on top of some arugula. this is what happens when I have loads of odds and ends to use up. yum.


bowl of fresh berries, sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat and almond milk with some tea.

Thanks for stopping by all! I feel the need to thank all you guys for coming here, commenting, connecting and just being awesome in general. You guys make my day everyday!

Have a great Wednesday!

45 thoughts on “wiaw: sugar-free eating

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  2. That’s too bad! It’s really decadent tasting, I know you’ll love it when you get your hands on it!

    I can’t say I eat a lot of turnips but you’re making me want to try! My dad doesn’t like them so I never ate them growing up. I should see if I can convert him ;)

  3. Mac nut butter in a packet?? Wow, I would have never thought! I just got some buckwheat groats and have soaked them for scones, I like ’em! And I love your breakfast spoon, that is awesome!

  4. I have lots of radishes coming in from the garden and NOW I know what I am going to do with them – Roast those babies! Thanks! Have a great week!

    • Thanks Sara! I get in a bad cycle where I feel like I need sugar at the end of the night and it becomes a habit- not just at night but throughout the whole day. I find doing a challenge like this occasionally helps break the cycle and reset my tastebuds :)

  5. That tiny packet of macadamia butter has just rocked my day. I eat apples and nut butter all the time, and people look at me weird when I sit on a park bench with a tub of peanut butter between my knees. I must find this magical squeeze tube!

  6. I’m really impressed by the ‘no sugar’ challenge! I know how rampant candida is in my family, so I really try to limit my sugar intake or use sweeteners like stevia and coconut sugar. I also eat some raw garlic afterward to counteract any candida effects.

  7. what a delicious day! and sans sugar!! :) you’re rocking this challenge Gabby! I’m so happy for you! that cashew dip looks mighty fine — mmm cashews are my favorite nut — well, behind the macadamia hahah —tmi tmi have a great day!

    • I tend to try and eat fairly sugar-free in my normal life and try and use natural sweeteners in baking so I feel I had a pretty good head start. It’s been hard only in that some of my usual snack choices aren’t options, but it’s funny how little you need sweeteners when you are forced to think outside the box! Fruits are amazing as sweeteners. All you really need to do is plan ahead and watch those packaged foods!

  8. Didn’t you just love the roasted radishes! It wasn’t until this year I have become such a fan of radishes :) I love the idea of adding pan fried tofu – looks so good!

    And YES you need to share the recipe for the chipotle cashew dip, it sounds utterly amazing- have a great day! xo

    • Yes, thanks for the lovely ideas Heather :) I have honestly never eaten them before except occasionally on semi-boring salads at restaurants. I think they’ll be regular purchases from now!

      I’ll try and get around to posting it soon ;)

      Hope you had a lovely day too!

    • I’ve found that incorporating healthy fats and protein in every snack and meal has been helpful! I mean don’t go overboard and definitely ensure you are eating lots of lighter foods too, but the fats and protein make it feel like you’re not being denied good, satisfying foods :)

  9. Super delicious and super healthy day! Your dinner looks yummy. I eat very little processed sugar, but SO MUCH fruit that I think I probably consume far too much sugar anyway. I should try to cut down too…maybe I’ll take your lead and challenge myself!

    • Ya cutting down on fruit is so hard! It’s just such a convenient snack too- a lot of fruits come ready portable, no chopping or peeling required! It’s all about being prepared I guess. And the less sweet foods you eat, the less you crave! Good luck and let me know how it goes :)

  10. Yum, what lovely meals! I love the green smoothie in a bowl :) ooh you just reminded me that I have all of these snack packets of Artisana nut butters to bring with me on jobs :) Macadamia included! The salad looks great and I love the tofu cubes, they look like yummy croutons :) The quinoa dish looks great too, I’ve been really into quinoa lately! I’ve been eating it a lot lately :) Hooray for buckwheat cereal!

    Hope you have a great day! I always look forward to stopping in and seeing what yummy treats you have for us! :)

    • Aww thanks Sarah! Green smoothies in a bowl are my absolute favourite :) Those snack packets are awesome eh? That was my last one and they don’t sell them where I live :( I’ll have to restock next time I go to Toronto- they are so handy to have around!

      I eat so much quinoa- I love that it’s not a grain but tastes just like one. I find I feel the best when I keep grains lower so quinoa, and buckwheat actually are so handy for this!

      Thanks for your lovely comment as always :) Have a lovely Wednesday!

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