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I have something to admit to you all. This isn’t easy for me to share so I hope you’ll all be compassionate and understanding as you read.

I have an addiction. Now I don’t want you guys to worry but it’s pretty serious. I will need some (tough) love and support to get me through these trying times. Never before have I been so consumed. It’s at once both thrilling and exciting.

What is this addiction you might be wondering?






Yes my friends. I am addicted to Raw Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder.

Haha okay, so in all seriousness, this is not really a problem, but I have been using any excuse to put this awesome stuff in my smoothies and other concoctions. I used to use the regular Sunwarrior Brown Rice Protein but I was really intrigued by the ingredients in this powder!

  • raw proteins:
    • hemp
    • pea
    • cranberry
  • coconut medium chain triglycerides

It also has a few other ingredients, but when all is said and done this powder is awesome* because of it’s synergy- everything works together to create a great supplement to your diet that is rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats. Plus is tastes pretty darn good too- none of that chalkiness you get with other protein powders! All the flavours are amazing (yes I have them all). And for 82-84 calories per scoop, that’s some serious nutrition and benefits for so little space :)

* I am not being paid to say these wonderful things, nor was I provided a sample to review. I purchased this with my own money and I am saying these things because I truly love the product.

Here’s a look at my obsession:

May 30, 2012

X about 1000

By now you are probably wondering, what this has to do with today’s title: superpower ice cream. Well, my addiction has lead me to supercharging pretty much any food I can find with this wicked awesome protein powder. This has lead me to create a protein rich, superfood-packed, vegan ice cream, that just happens to include some of this wondrous Sunwarrior protein! Yes, this ice cream has superpowers- it’s nutritious, delicious and decadent. Crazy right?

Superpower Ice Cream

It’s so easy to make and has an awesome consistency- not too hard or too soft. It’s packed with superfoods like maca and lucuma, has lots of protein, healthy fats from the cashews, electrolytes from the coconut water and tastes amazing. Best of all? NO ICE CREAM MAKER REQUIRED!

I discussed the benefits of maca here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it is fantastic at regulating hormone levels and reducing stress in the body. Lucuma also comes with some great traits- it’s anti-inflammatory, aids in tissue regeneration, it is high in iron and niacin and helps with energy production and metabolism. It is also quite sweet, therefore can be used to replace some or all sweetener in a recipe!

This ice cream has a wonderful sweet, malty and caramelly flavour and would be happy topping almost any brownie or pie slice, or just eaten on it’s own. Best of all, because of it’s high protein, healthy fat, carbohydrate and electrolyte contents, you could even enjoy this post-workout and feel good about it ;). See- superpowers!


Superpower Ice Cream (Vegan, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free, Raw)

Inspired by Rawified’s Raw Cashew Ice Cream and Brendan Brazier’s Whole Food’s to Thrive

Makes 6 small scoops

  • 1 cup cashews, soaked for at least 1/2 and hour
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp coconut water (or regular water)
  • 1/4 cup Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vanilla Protein Powder (or your favourite protein powder)
  • 1 tbsp lucuma powder
  • 1 tbsp maca powder
  • 4 tbsp agave
  • 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

Combine everything in a food processor and process until smooth. Pour into a container (or I used 3 small containers so it would go faster) and freeze until solid, stirring every hour. I found by using 3 small containers this only took about 3 hours.

Scoop into a bowl or put on top of your favourite dessert and enjoy the superfood goodness!

If you are planning on storing it for an extended period of time, take it out of the freezer at least 15 min before serving.


Thanks for all of your support during this rough time guys. In return I’ll make you lots of ice cream. I think that’s a fair trade right ;)

41 thoughts on “superpower ice cream

  1. I learn something new everytime I come to your space – Lucuma Powder, just ordered some along with maca powder – can’t wait to try it out!

    ….oh and this ice cream looks amazing! I am totally going to need this today, it is supose to be 96 here today!!!

    • I’m so excited for you to try them! I know you will whip up something amazing that will put me to shame ;)

      I hear you on the heat (P.S I had to plug that number into an online conversion calculator- I don’t get farenheit! lol) We had a day that felt like 40C yesterday with the humidity and today is about 33C! What is up with the weather? Hope you are staying cool my dear!

      Thanks for your lovely words :)

  2. Ok, so maybe I’m the only one, but I think the Vanilla Blend has a zingy taste. I just finished my regular SW Vanilla, and when I went to the store to replenish my supply, the Vanilla Blend was almost $10 cheaper, so I picked it up instead. Big taste difference. I don’t dislike it, but I’ll definitely purchase the regular vanilla next time. Do you taste the zing? Maybe it’s just me :-/

    • I do agree they taste different but I don’t taste the zingy-ness lol. Maybe my tastebuds are weird. I like the texture of this one better but I guess that’s the beauty of individual tastes right?

      Thanks for your input :)

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  3. I bought some lucuma powder recently and it’s gorgeous in a smoothie, but I don’t have powders that often and I’ve never used a protein powder. But I do have a similar addiction, raw ground vanilla. It’s absolutely gorgeous and transforms anything I put it in. I really want to put it in all of my Green Thickie recipes but I would put people off as not everyone else would be willing to buy it. The shop bought vanilla extracts just don’t compare, in fact I really can’t taste them at all.

    My other addictions are rice cakes and hummus. There are worse addictions to have!

    Many thanks

    • I am in love with raw ground vanilla as well- it adds amazing flavour and sweetness to foods! I first bought some when I was doing a sugar-free challenge for 4 weeks last year and now I always have it around- so delicious!

      Hahah no your addictions are perfectly acceptable. I like hummus but have never found it to be something I love enough to keep around all the time. Rice cakes on the other hand, I always have around. Great with raw nut butter for a snack!

  4. I haven’t tried Sun Warrior yet but how does the taste of the blend compared with the regular protein powder? I just made a super easy banana ice cream with chocolate protein powder that was delicious so I can’t wait to try this. :)

    • I find the taste of Sunwarrior (especially the warrior blend) to be more natural and less fake tasting than other protein powders I’ve had before. The natural flavour also has a nice sweetness to it even without the stevia that’s in the vanilla or chocolate flavours.

      I hope you like this when you try it :)

  5. I’ve been very hesitant to try protein powders, but if you add it to ice cream, you could basically eat it as a meal, right? ;-) Thanks for the heads up on the sun warrior powder?

    Also, I’ve been wanting to get some lucuma, but it’s dreadfully expensive at whole foods- do you get it online somewhere?

    Thank you again for the lovely “machine-free” recipe!

    • Oh I’ve definitely enjoyed this as part of my breakfast before ;)

      Sunwarrior is really good. I used to use their brown rice powders but I like the warrior blends better! It’s grain-free which I like! For lucuma I was lucky enough to be given it as a gift from a foodie penpal. I’ver been hoarding the little bag ever since but I only have a tbsp left which is so sad! It is expensive online but I think have a pretty good price!

      And no proble, I get frustrated with ice cream recipes because I don’t have a machine- it’s not fair lol. Hope you like it :)

    • I’m glad you found it helpful! I can’t taste the stevia at all and I’m really sensitive to the bitterness you can get with it. If you are worried try the natural flavour. It still tastes great and I’m pretty sure there’s no stevia in it!

  6. oooo that looks yummy! I just recently bought a protein powder…. -_- needless to say it tastes like death in a jar! lol I should look into this I used to buy Vega but its a bit too much. I appreciate a good versatile protein powder and I think ice cream is about as versatile as you can get with some protein powder lol awesome post

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  8. I hear you – I am addicted to a vanilla protein powder – maybe we could start a support group?! Will totally try this recipe – thanks :-)

  9. YUMMO! Just wish Sunwarrior wasn’t so $$$!

    Love this ice cream idea…. lucuma is one of my absolute favourites, such a delicate lovely flavour… I am TOTALLY going to give this a go next week (looking for new ideas to up the old protein intake!)

  10. This post just made me very, very happy! I have missed ice cream so much in recent days of trying to be sugar-free, and paleo and such, but this brings hope and joy into my life! I want to try this! :)

  11. Gabby,
    Your enthusiasm is convincing! I am totally going to pick up some of that awesome protein powder then will DEFINITELY try that delicious-sounding ice cream… Anything with soaked cashews tends to be a guaranteed success. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Gabby! You’re brilliant! I am going to go soak my cashew nuts right now – making this little beauty TONIGHT! I have all the ingredients! Had a nice roasted veggie dinner so I think I can sneak this in tonight for dessert and not feel too bad. I am a Sunwarrior Protein powder lover too! You’re not alone! :) Hope you are feeling better! Much love sent your way!

      • Gabby! It was delicious! I do love maca and lucuma so I knew I was in for a treat along with the beloved vanilla protein powder. I have to be honest and say that I couldn’t wait till it was totally frozen – but it was WONDERFUL! I took it a step higher and sprinkled some broken up pieces of 70% dark chocolate on top and OMG! Thanks again!

  13. I’ve always wanted to try Sunwarrior protein but it is so expensive! I may have to splurge on it when I finish my vega though. It sounds good and I love that it is raw! I am glad that you wrote about it because it is making me more inclined to try it :)

    This ice cream looks so good! What’s better is that it is actually really good for you! A health promoting ice cream? Count me in! It looks lovely and sounds like a great treat after a crazy summer workout! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    • Sunwarrior is expensive but no more so than some of the vega one stuff and it tastes great, blends well and as you say, its raw so bonus! I will still drink my vega for the superfoods and greens bonus but the sunwarrior is nice if you want the flavour of the powder to bllend in with everything else. Sometimes I find vega a little overpowering. I hope you try it and love it :)

      Thanks and I hope you like it! Have a good one!

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