wiaw- boston edition

Hello again my friends! My, how I have missed you all! No matter how amazing a vacation is, it is always good to be home.

The last few days have been amazing. My trip to Boston was incredible- I got to spend 4 days in an amazing city, catch up with a good friend, eat great food, see amazing sites, and basically just do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. I was really sad to leave Boston, but I’m taking that as a good sign! I must have really loved it to be missing it after such a short time :)

Now I want to share every little detail about my trip, but I’m sure you guys would find that juuuust a little boring, so I won’t put you through that ;). I do want to share the highlights though and I think I’ll take 2 posts to do that. Since today is Wednesday, it seems fitting to devote this What I Ate Wednesday to my Boston eats! And boy were they good. I managed to eat a ton of amazing vegan food even though I only went to one specifically vegetarian restaurant! The city has sooo many options on every corner and even the seemingly most un-vegan-friendly places turned out delicious food for me. So let’s take a look shall we?

And of course, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!
Firstly, we were incredibly prepared with food and healthy snacks which I think speaks perfectly to Jenn’s WIAW theme of Sensible Snacking. Check out all the loot we arrived with:


In that pile, there’s tea, instant oatmeal, Vega Powder, chia seeds, trail mix, sweet potato chips, dark chocolate, miso soup packets and water. We also brought lots of fruit on the plane with us to munch on and we raided the breakfast fruit stash every morning. We were prepared!


A look at my homemade trail mix. Basically everything in my pantry all thrown into a bags. Lots of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut, cereal, cinnamon, vanilla and some chocolate chips for good measure.


As a result, this is what my breakfasts looked like! Wheat-free apple cinnamon oatmeal topped with chia seeds and trail mix, with a banana (unpictured) on the side! I missed my green smoothies, but these bowls kept me full for hours!

Now onto the food we ate out!

The first dinner was a soup from Wagamama. A tofu, lemongrass and coconut soup which was delicious! The picture is on my friend’s camera and we haven’t exchanged pictures yet so unfortunately no photo! Same goes for a Bruschetta salad I got on for lunch the first day.


This was a stall at the SoWa Open Market on Sunday that made gluten-free, vegan, no sodium roasted nuts that were amazing! Flavours included chocolate coconut, mango cayenne, key lime ginger, vanilla cinnamon and chocolate yerba mate. The guy was super generous with samples too :) Check out their website and visit them if you are in the area! I may or may not be munching on the chocolate coconut variety as I type this…

Also at this market…food trucks!


This was the Bon Me food truck and it had awesome vegan options.


Ginger Lemonade and Thai Basil Limeade


Organic Tofu and Shitake Mushroom Rice Bowl. Umm YUM.


Not vegetarian but I hear it was delicious! Like I’m talking best sandwich she’s ever had. Jerk Chicken Sandwich. Guys, Boston knows how to do sandwiches, trust us!

Next, my dinner at a MIJA Cantina and Tequila Bar


A huuuge salad with pico de gallo, avocado, roasted corn and a cilantro dijon dressing with 2 mini portobello mushroom and black bean tacos! A very well rounded meal! Sorry about the terrible photos! Also has sangria which is unpictured.


Mid morning snack at Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Cambridge. Fuelled our Harvard exploration with a Jasmine tea cooler, soy raspberry mocha, a raisin scone and a Bunny Banana Chocolate granola bar. This was a really cute hangout and you got the impression all the staff and customers were really smart ;)


Lunch in Cambridge was at Veggie Planet, a vegetarian place. Unfortunately their pizza oven was broken but we still got delicious sandwiches! I got the Oddlot sandwich with tofu-basil mash, kalamata olives, spinach, marinated tomatoes and garlic, topped with sriracha. Holy amazing! Even came with a perfectly dressed romaine salad. For dessert we shared a vegan brownie, although I didn’t get a photo (oops)


Fresh squeezed lemonade. There were vendors of this everywhere! Lemonade and roasted nuts are Boston’s street food and they do them well!


Since we were in Boston, dinner at a seafood restaurant was in order! We settled on McCormick & Shmick’s. Not a very vegan, or even vegetarian friendly menu, but I figured I could get a few sides and be fine. Our server was so amazing though that I ended up getting a delicious meal! She clarified with the chefs on what had dairy in it and she recommended the off-menu pasta primavera. I was way impressed with how helpful she was. So if you are a vegetarian with seafood-loving friends and family, this is a good option!


LOTS of Samuel Adams beer. This photo was taken at the brewery tour, which I highly recommend. It’s by donation only and you get a free cup like the one in the picture and beer! And guess what, a ton of Sam Adam’s beer is vegan (their website says no animal products are used, but barnivore says a couple aren’t vegan friendly)! The ones I had were the Boston Lager, Summer Ale, and Pale Ale. Seriously a fun time! Even if you don’t go to the brewery, ever restaurant in Boston serves it so definitely partake in one or a few ;)

You guys bored yet?? Only a few more…


Burritos from boloco! I got a burrito bowl while my friend got mini burritos which were adorable!


This is the cajun bowl with rice, black beans, roasted corn, roasted tofu and salsa. I subbed the sour cream for guacamole- very good choice! This was recommended to us by a local barista and I can see why it’s a favourite. Great food, lots of options and really fast service. This place was PACKED at lunch and we ordered and got our food within 5 minutes of walking in the place.


Coffee at Thinking Cup Coffee Bar. This was awesome coffee! They use Stumptown beans which are widely though to be the best tasting and best quality beans in the world. Went here twice over the 4 days, this is the Vanilla Ginger Latte with almond milk(!!). I also got a Cinnamon Vanilla almond milk latte another day. Clearly a local favourite, this place was always busy. The food looked really good too even though I didn’t try any.


Another food truck! This one was the Clover Food Lab Truck located at the Boston Common. They focus on seasonal produce and have meat and vegetarian options which are easily veganized.


I got the BBQ Seitan Sandwich. Delicious. No other words for it!

And that concludes my recap of Boston eats! As you guys can see, I ate a lot of bread and pasta and therefore, gluten, and boy am I feeling the effects. I knew it would happen and I tried to help my system out as much as possible- I brought probiotics and digestive enzymes with me, made sure my breakfast was gluten-free by bringing certified instant oats and opted for rice bowls instead of wraps when offered. But that could only go so far. I need to majorly detox from this trip because my digestive system is NOT happy. But it was so worth it :). It’s back to lemon water, green smoothies and high raw for a while!

Aside from the gluten, I think I did a really good job of staying healthy while still indulging on this trip! Bringing trail mix, breakfast and other snacks not only kept things healthy but also helped keep costs down. I also made sure to drink lots of tea and only a little coffee and had lots of fruits and veggies. I think “sensible snacking” and healthful eating while travelling was successfully accomplished!

Anyway, so glad to be home with all these lovely memories! Look for a recap of more of what we did coming soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4 days while I was gone!

39 thoughts on “wiaw- boston edition

  1. WOW Gabby, what an amazing foodie trip to Boston, everything you had looks so amazing…but those not, OMG- those must be so incredibly addiciting!

    I love being able to bring quick and healthy breakfasts with me – do you find being vegan that it is one of the hardest meals to plan for at a non veg friendly city, town or restaurant while on a trip?

    • They are ridiculously addictive. I gave 3 of the little bags I bought away (SO hard do to btw) but I keep going back to the bigger bag I bought myself- they are already dangerously low! I’m going to have to try and recreate them!

      I do find that breakfasts are the hardest. Even easy options like toast can be problematic! Plus if I don’t get a good breakfast it sets me up to be miserable all day (I get very grumpy lol) so I find it best to just be prepared! Plus breakfast is really easy to travel with- dry hot cereal packets and hot water is really all you need!

  2. So happy to hear you such an amazing time Gabby! Welcome back – it IS always good to be home, though Boston is on the list of ‘never visited’ for me. One day! :)

  3. Your travel snack bag looks just like ours! We never travel without some sort of granola/trail mix. :-)

    Thanks for the heads up on all the Boston eats! I was 13 the last time I was there, so I definitely need to go back and do a vegan culinary tour. Now I have some great notes to go off of!

    • It’s so key to pack snacks and things to beef up (excuse the phrase ;)) meals when travelling. I get kinda cranky and lethargic when I’m hungry so I always make sure to have something! Trail mix is awesome- so much energy in a little package :)

      I hope you enjoy Boston when you go. It’s such a fantastic city and actually quite easy to eat vegan there. They have loads of vegetarian restaurants so I’m sure you’ll love it!

  4. I’m jealous! I grew up outside of Boston – whenever I go back, the thing I look forward to most (aside from seeing my family) is eating! I seriously plan out all the things I want to eat when I go back days in advance :)
    I also have found carrying around some trail mix is really helpful when I’m out and about, so I can do “sensible snacking” as well (and then I can avoid getting grumpy when I can’t find anything GF to eat and my blood sugar levels drop!)
    I just had a more comprehensive gluten test done today, meaning I had to eat gluten for 2 weeks – tasted good but my stomach was not so happy either!
    Glad you had such a nice time in Bean Town!

    • I can understand why you would plan out food, there’s so many amazing options there and not enough time!

      Awww your poor tummy. Hopefully it gets back to normal quickly! Mines struggling a bit right now but I’m eating pretty clean so all should be good soon :)

  5. Wow, what gorgeous meals you had, and you did so well to find so many vegan alternatives wherever you went. Is it quite easy to be vegan eating out in Canada or the US? In the UK I struggle to eat out. I eat the same thing wherever I go. I order a plain jacket potato with a plain salad (always lettuce, cucumber and tomato) and add some of my hummus that I’ve brought with me. Not very exciting! I’d love to go back to America as a vegan and go to all the raw food/vegan restaurants. You’ve given me some great ideas for food to bring with me travelling too.

    • Boston was a great city for vegetarian and vegan food, I was so happy! I find it really depends on where you live in Canada or the U.S. Some cities are great and others aren’t. Where I live isn’t the easiest but Toronto is amazing. Canada has a lot of catching up to do with the US though. They have some ridiculously good places there!

      When I was in Ireland I had a bit of a harder time, but there were a couple good vegetarian restaurants in DUblin that made it easier. When I travelled around though to the smaller cities, I was just like you. A potato, steamed veggies, maybe some bread if it wasn’t soda bread lol.

      I’ve travelled quite a bit in the last few years so I’m getting really good at being prepared with food- especially breakfasts, snacks and some meal replacement powders to improve my nutrient intake while away. And I always bring probiotics and digestive enzymes to ease the stress of eating out all the time.

  6. Dude! Amazing yumminess!

    What a awesome few days you had – Boston is SO on my list of places to visit now :) Ahhh, one day I’ll make it over that side of the globe!

    Almond milk lattes? Oh my golly gosh, food/coffee envy ahoy! (Bummer on the gluten overload though, I feel your pain!)

    • Boston is amazing :) the city felt like home! And I totally felt spoild with the food. And don’t even get me started on the almond milk lattes- I was in heaven, especially ewith those flavour combinations!

      I’m glad I got through the trip without too much digestive issue. I can handle it now that I’m home and it was so worth it :)

  7. YUMMMM!!! Another thing we don’t have Down Under? Food trucks!! I KNOW!!
    At least I can ‘virtually’ experience them through your blog, and your photos are amazing! Sooo loving the look of those burritos! NOM! And I had to giggle at all your snacks – a prepared vegan is a happy vegan! :-)

    • Food trucks aren’t big in Canada yet either, but they are getting more popular so I’m hopeful one day we have the caliber of Boston! Because they are so fun :)

      Oh a vegan without snacks is just asking for it lol. I was so much happier with my breakfasts and snacks from home. Glad you liked the post!

  8. We missed you too! It seems like you had an amazing time, I’m so happy for you! :) It’s always nice to explore a new city and enjoy the company of a good friend!

    There are so many great things in this post! OMG THOSE NUTS! I want every single variety of them and I definitely plan on trying to make them raw or close to raw by using my dehydrator :) It’s a good thing I still have a ton of almonds ;) Oh and your home made trail mix looks great!

    I’m sure it is less than surprising that the meals that stick out to me the most are that amazing looking burrito bowl, the tofu and shiitake mushroom rice bowl, and the two cinnamon vanilla latte! I just got so hungry reading this post! :)

    Welcome home!

    • Seriously make those nuts! They are on my list to make too! And the ingredients they use are so simple, I think it won’t be too hard to recreate!

      The bowls were awesome, I enjoy them more than wraps and sandwiches usually and they are gluten-free so it workd out well :) although I highly recommend trying some sandwiches in boston, they do them right!!

      Glad to be back, thanks for your kind words :)

  9. I’m glad you had a great trip! it sounds like a blast!! Your lunch from Veggie Planet looks outrageous! That sandwich — wow oh wow! I’ve recently eaten at M & S’s too and was also just blown away at how helpful and accommodating they were! Props to them!! I can’t wait for round 2 of your Boston adventure! have a great night!

    • I’m glad to hear you found M&S so good too! It’s always nice to hear its a regular thing :)

      It’s not too often I get to eat at vegetarian restaurants so Veggie Planet was a real treat. It’s funny because I often get so overwhelmed at veg places because I’m not used to having so many options!

  10. Oh wow, what an awesome trip!!! That burrito bowl looks amazing. I’m taking a short trip to San Diego next week and I’m taking a personal blender for the first time to make a smoothie in my hotel room. We’ll see how that goes. Welcome home!!!

  11. Glad to see you made it home okay Gabby, although I’m sure you’d rather still be on vacay ;-)
    That tofu and shitake rice bowl looks amazing!
    I wish more coffee shops would jump on the almond milk bandwagon (ahem, Starbucks! Please!). I am not a fan of soy milk, thus, I usually do not partake in ever getting any lattes when I’m out.
    I’m so glad you had a nice trip and can’t wait to see more!

    • Your comment was spammed! Silly WordPress…

      I could have stayed in Boston forever :) But I’ll take that as a sign that I loved it and not dwell on my desire to be away from home again.

      Seriously about the almond milk. My tummy does not like soy milk so it kills me that where I work doesn’t have it! That’s why when I saw the option on the menu, I had to indulge…twice lol.

      I will get more photos up soon! I just need to do a swap with my friend since we took pictures of different things. Hopefully we get around to doing that soon.

  12. I felt like you took me on a vegan food tour of Cambridge! We are planning to head to Boston in August, I will have to do some research and plan out some good vegan/vegetarian fooderies to try. Glad you had a great trip, and I’ll definitely suggest the brewery tour! :D

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