may foodie swap reveal day!

Hello friends! I just wanted to point out I have posted 3 days in a row! I haven’t done that in a while. I know some of you do this on a regular basis, even post everyday- and I admire you for it! But for me, 3/3 is super impressive :)

Oops, I did it again- I participated in 2 food swaps! I know I’m a little crazy, but it’s just so much fun buying gifts and receiving packages in the mail :)

I got both packages on the same day and they were just the pick-me-up I needed. After struggling with exhaustion and lack of motivation to do anything for a few days, these parcels provided me with loads of tasty treats with minimal effort. Plus I had been feeling down and they both really cheered me up. They honestly couldn’t have come at a better time!

Foodie Penpals

The Lean Green Bean

First I’ll start with my match from Food Penpals! This is organized by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean blog, which matches bloggers who share a love for food together, addresses, dietary restrictions and preferences are exchanged, goodies are bought and shipped, packages received (hehe) and deliciousness ensues. If you have never participated I seriously urge you to! The spending limit is $15 so it’s a very affordable adventure and allows you to meet some new people you never would have met otherwise! Go here to sign up for it! Seriously, go.

For this swap I was matched up with Erin, a blog reader, and foodie-package-sender extraordinaire. She honestly couldn’t have done a better job in picking out the items for me. She either really did her homework by reading my blog or has amazing intuition. Either way, I loved everything! It was such a good mix of treats and interesting staples to inspire me to get in the kitchen again. It’s like she knew I was in a slump when she sent it :). Thank you so much Erin!


This is what greeted me as soon as I opened the box. Already got me smiling right there! And look how packed the box is!


Here’s what the package included:

  • A lovely card :)
  • Sex Balls– these got me right away! A homemade goodie made from a recipe from I couldn’t wait to try one so I bit into one right away. These were so good (and hilarious!). They have maca and cacao powder in them so are super healthy too! Will definitely be making these (since they’re already gone!)IMG_0938
  • a bag of maple tea and Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea– I love tea so these were thoroughly enjoyed
  • Lindt 85% Cacao chocolate bar– I ate half of this as is and the other half in some almond pulp cookies! Loved the richness and slight bitterness in this chocolateIMG_0963
  • Ohm Bars: Date and Seed bar in Chai– this was really different from any other date-based bar I’ve tried and I really liked it! The chai flavour was great and the seeds added good texture
  • Encona Caribbean Original Hot Pepper Sauce– I love spicy foods and I put this **** on everything! (Frank’s Red Hot Sauce commercial anyone??)
  • Wild Rice from Manitoba
  • Lupini beans– soaked for a long time- did you know they need like 5-14 days of soaking to remove the bitter taste? They are still in the process of this, but I will be posting once I get them fully prepared!
  • Azul Coconut Juice with coconut pieces– this was fantastic! I had it after a very stuffy ride home from work and it was refreshing and so tasty. I need to find this stuff!
  • Quin’Bites Crunchy Quinoa and Almonds complete protein bite- I’d been wanting to try these for a while. How did you know? Kept going back to them over and over again- must try to recreate and with the short ingredients list I think I stand a chance!
  • Mung beans– sprouted and used to sprinkle on salads and cooked up in some pilafs! Still have some left and plan on making an Indian dish with them!
  • Sea’s Gift Sweet Seaweed snack: I loved this! Sweet, salty and seaweedy :) I enjoyed these eaten as is, sprinkled on some kitchari, on veggies, even on green smoothies (so good I swear!)
  • Organic Quinoa– this quinoa went into making the mexican quinoa bowl I ate and showed over at this What I Ate Wednesday. Also made some in the slow cooker as to Erin’s suggestion and it was fabulous! Forgot to snap a pic though :(

So again thank you Erin! I honestly don’t know how you did this within the spending limit- you were so generous and thoughtful! You brightened my day (and following weeks) right up!

Vegan Food Swap

Next up, the Vegan Food Swap! This one is organized by Michelle over at MeShell in Your City. Incidentally she is who I was matched up with to send something to in the Foodie Penpal swap and I was paired to send something to her fiancé Jordan for this one! Too funny, and such a small world! This one runs very similarly to the Foodie Penpal one so I won’t re-describe the process. Head over here to sign up!

Jill over at Vegan Cuts was matched to be my sender. I have to say I was super stoked when I found this out. I get the weekly emails from Vegan Cuts all about deals on awesome vegan products and I just new she’d have loads of goodies available I’d never even heard of! And she did not disappoint! Jill, my package was a perfect mix of treats and healthy goodies as well as some really fun non-food vegan items. I loved being exposed to all these new products and I’m not ashamed to say every food product in the package has been consumed and enjoyed. Thank you!!


The package had loads of awesome vegan stickers on the front which I carefully removed and kept- they were just so awesome (although I lost one to the silly post office putting their own stick over part of it. Ah well)


The goods:

  • Yumpeez Roasted Veggie Snack in Barbeque– these tasted just like barbeque chips but had 7g of protein and only 120 calories!
  • Reasons 2 go Vegan key chain– really cool! Has 9 little cards which with an image and an excellent reason why we should eat vegan!
  • squeeze package of Sunbutter– I had this on toast and dipped an apple in it. A nice treat since I don’t usually buy nut butters with added sugar and salt, so it was a nice treat. Plus I’d been meaning to try it!
  • little pack of chia seeds– an awesome chia pudding was made with these
  • Samba 99 Capuacu bar– this was really different! Very fruity and satisfying! It had Brazilian nuts in it which I love but never buy anymore- this bar convinced me I need to change that.
  • Go Raw Banana Bread Flax Bar– very tasty and it was a smaller bar than you usually see so was nice as a light snack
  • Organic Fibre bar in Lemon Burst– this bar kept me full for ages!
  • Bumble Bar in Amazing Almond– A sesame and almond bar, how can you go wrong with that??
  • some really cute pins and a temporary tattooIMG_0953
  • Sunfood Organic Amazonian Jungle Peanuts– been wanting to try jungle peanuts for a while since they are apparently free from aflatoxins unlike regular peanuts
  • Artisana Raw Berry AntiOxidant Nut Butter– really interesting flavour, kinda fruity, kinda nutty, cool product!

This package was like an adventure- I’d only ever tried chia seeds before and I loved getting exposed to all these new treats. Thanks again Jill!

I’m already really pumped to participate in next month’s swaps. It’s like having a birthday every month. And who wouldn’t like that?

What about you guys? Do you like receiving or giving gifts better? I have to say I love both- I love the anticipation and surprise of receiving them and getting to make people happy by giving!

Next up: a couple super delicious snack recipes!

40 thoughts on “may foodie swap reveal day!

  1. Lucky duck! I signed up for foodie pen pals in April, sent out a lovely package and got NOTHING in return. My pen pal bailed on me. I’m like a spurned lover too hurt to do it again, maybe I will try the vegan one ;)

  2. That Artisana raw berry nut butter sounds great. I love that brand, they have such interesting flavors. I got some walnut butter in my swap and cannot wait to try ( I like to hoard things for awhile ;-) )
    I can’t wait for next months food swap and I also signed up for foodie pen pals too…I love getting stuff in the mail, too, can’t you tell?!?! Too bad we live in different countries and can’t get paired up together :-(

    • Artisana is amazing! A little pricey but sooo worth it :) the berry butter was interesting- definitely unique and loaded with awesome nutrients.

      Aren’t foodie swaps the best?? I know, I wish we did! We could always do our own ;)

  3. OMG how fun! I participated in my first swap last year and got matched up with an awesome blogger (Isobelle from Vgan Jar!) and it was such a great experience! Not only was the swap fun but I “met” another awesome blogger that I hadn’t run into before and I’m so grateful that I did it!

    I personally LOVE finding the perfect gift for someone. Putting the care package together was so much fun, I really want to do another swap soon!

    It looks like you got so many fun things! It seems like it’ll provide a lot of inspiration for you too which is always a great gift to get in itself! :)

    Enjoy everything in good health Gabby!

    • Swaps are so fun! It’s great getting together like minded people from all over the country to get foodie gifts for each other :) It’s awesome too because health foodies tend to understand some of the not so average tastes and foods that I like. To my friends and family, it’s strange or at least foreign, but to all you guys it’s normal :)

      I really lucked out with these swaps- I got paired with some amazing people! I am hoarding some of what I got because I don’t want it to end!

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