fearing fat and coconut oil coffee


Pleeaaasssseeee don’t go running in horror at the title of this post. I know, when I first heard of the concept of adding fat in the form of an oil to coffee, I was a little skeptical needless to say. Adding oil to coffee just sounds weird and I never expected it to work (how on earth would it mix together?) or taste good. I think it comes from the fact that it’s so engrained in us that dairy, or a dairy substitute and a sweetener is the only way to go. But please trust me, it does and it is amazing!

Since doing my cleanse, I haven’t reintroduced coffee back as a daily thing, but this is is something I tried quite a while ago and I wanted to share it. I’ve chosen to not drink it mainly because I don’t want to feel reliant on the caffeine for energy. However, I think I will allow myself the occasional indulgence, mostly in the form of decaf where possible. But let’s be honest, decaf is not the same as regular so I will be having the occasional caffeinated cup. My goal is about 1/month which I think is doable! And I know a lot of my readers really enjoy a cup of Joe in the morning and if that is the case I really urge you to try this coconut oil coffee! It’s dreamy ;)

Now why on earth would you even want to add coconut oil to coffee? Well coconut oil has to be one of the best things you can add to your diet (except of course green vegetable, fresh, fruit, hemp, whole grains…ok maybe there are lots of good things to add…) because it comes with a whole host of amazing properties!

Get ready folks, I have another information packed post for you!

Fearing Fat: Let’s take back the joy of eating fat-rich foods!

Today’s society has become one where low-fat and fat-free foods and products have become synonymous with healthful choices. The war against saturated and trans-fats has become a war against all fats. In order to seem more appealing to consumers, more and more companies are removing fat from products (in lieu of more added sugar and by products) to appeal to consumers who are honestly trying to make healthful, responsible decisions. This is health washing at it’s best- companies putting a stamp on their foods saying it’s healthy, but unhealthy secrets lurk beneath, requiring knowledge and know-how on the part of the consumer.

I too for many years was conned and seduced by the concept of low fat foods. My diet in high school was a very far cry from what it is today and like many teenager, my eating habits caught up with me in the form of weight gain when I was 16. It was not a hugely significant amount, I was still at a healthy weight. But at the time I was really involved in dance and music theatre and the extra weight made me very self conscious in the outfits and costumes I was wearing. I also found it very frustrating since I was dancing almost every night of the week for 3 hours at a time. I looked to my diet and saw how I had moved to a diet that revolved around convenience foods- namely fast food. Fast food was convenient when you only had half an hour between school and dance or had to drive an hour to said dance class. Fast food was receiving a lot of attention in the media for being high fat and weight gain-inducing. This led me to demonize all fat and I stopped eating fast foods and bought everything I could to be fat-free. While I wasn’t making what I now consider healthy choices, my fat (and by consequence calorie) intake was down. And it worked, to an extent. I did lose some of the weight I put on.English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

But looking back, I realize what a disservice I was doing to myself. Fat can be such an important part of a healthy diet and cutting all forms of it out is quite wrong. It is also an extremely important component of foods from a taste perspective. The addition of fat to foods gives it a richness and a good-mouth-feel that enhances the enjoyment of food. I can honestly say that I was not enjoying foods nearly as much then as I am now. By removing the fat, not only was I upping the sugar I was probably consuming, I was removing flavour!

My diet today incorporates healthy fats from a variety of sources: nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut and olive oils in moderation. While of course I encourage eating whole food sources of fat as much as possible, coconut oil is definitely one of my favourites for its versatility, taste and health properties. While I have briefly mentioned the health benefits of coconut oil in other posts, I want to give a conclusive list here. Please feel free to skip if all you want to know is it’s good for you and don’t care for specifics. I would completely understand :). I am also going to stick to the benefits of coconut oil from a consumption perspective. It has such a variety of uses as a topical application but we’ll save that for another post!Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

  • High smoke point- this means it can be heated to a high temperature before being converted to a trans fat (the bad kind). It is therefore my primary choice for cooking and baking
  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)- medium chain triglycerides- this is a form of saturated fat, yes, but it is a special kind. Your body is actually able to use these fat molecules as energy immediately after being consumed as opposed to being stored as fat
    • Lauric acid- this is a form of MCT and is responsible for many of the disease fighting characteristics of coconut oil. It helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, which promotes plaque in artery walls. This helps with blood pressure as well as preventing cardiovascular events (heart attacks, stroke) and disease (heart failure, angina, etc.).
  • Digestion- digestion of MCTs is very easy on the body, taking pressure off the pancreas, liver and digestive system unlike other fats. The nutrients in coconut oil are easily broken down and assimilated into the body, reducing digestive and thus overall stress on the body!
  • Reduced pressure on organs: Related to #3- since you use less digestive energy to break them down, there is more energy for organs like the pancreas and liver to perform other important health maintaining functions!
  • Improved sleep: less digestive and overall stress means less cortisol is released. Less cortisol means increased deep sleep which allows you to feel rested.
  • Improved absorption of minerals and vitamins.
    • absorption of important minerals like magnesium and calcium is enhanced which is important for bone development.
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral- helps fight harmful invaders to the body and strengthens the immune system

I didn’t mention too many specific diseased states that coconut oil can help prevent or improve, but as you can see, since it supports so many vital components in health, you can see how it would play a role in the prevention and treatment of many diseased states!

So what’s the important message to take away from all this?


It’s so unfortunate that the same word is used for fat in foods and fat in our bodies. They are so different!

I’m not saying go out there and eat healthy fats with wild abandon either. Moderation is key with anything! I am just trying to say that we needn’t fear or demonize them the way society does. They are actually quite good for you! But we need balance and a little goes a long way with fats.

For anyone out there who doesn’t like coconut and is thus hesitant about trying it, don’t worry! It doesn’t have a strong coconut flavour or smell especially when used in cooking.

Now onto this coconut oil coffee I mentioned. I got the idea from Katie over at Katie Did when she mentioned bulletproof coffee. I followed her link to this post by the Bulletproof Executive which involved combining coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter and an MCT oil (optional) as an energizing start to the morning. Now, since I don’t consume dairy I initially wrote this off. But then I started thinking about it more. Why couldn’t I do the opposite- instead of making the MCT oil optional, why not make that the primary ingredient as opposed to the butter? And since MCTs are a great energy provider, the combination with coffee had potential to be a major energizer. So I tried it! I changed up his method though- I used cold-pressed coffee and a lower quantity of fat. I wasn’t looking for it to keep me going for 6 hours, so I didn’t think I needed to go the full way.

The result: an entirely vegan, low acid, super energizing, super creamy cup of coffee that tasted delicious and provides insanely long-lasting energy. Drink this before a workout for an awesome boost!


Coconut Oil Coffee (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Raw)

  • 1/4 cup cold-pressed coffee+ 3/4 cup hot hot water (I love the taste and low acidity in cold pressed coffee but 1 cup hot brewed coffee will work well too)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • stevia or another sweetener, if desired

Put this all in a blender and blend!

I was shocked when the drink magically changed from the colour of black coffee to coffee with a ton of creamer in it. I never imagined they would mix so well! But they do and the results is a crazily smooth and creamy cup of coffee. It even develops a lovely foam on top as if you had frothed it. You have to try it to believe it!

I have no idea what this would be like with both butter and coconut oil. This beverage was pretty fatty and rich to begin with I think the addition of more fat would throw me off but I mean try it if you so choose :)

I think I’ll definitely make this with decaf coffee, or maybe even Dandy Blend! Hmmm I wonder what that would be like? I’ll report back!

That’s it for me everyone. See you soon!

I am submitting this post to Allergy Free Wednesday and Wellness Weekends!

59 thoughts on “fearing fat and coconut oil coffee

  1. Oh my god. THANK. YOU.
    I am obsessed with coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut everything! I’ve been looking for different ways to consume at least a tablespoon of coconut oil every day without going as far as to swallow it plain (I can’t bring myself to eat oil on its own). I’ve been putting it in my coffee and tea, and it pools on top of the liquid, which is fine but not ideal. For some reason I never thought of blending it! This totally eliminates the need for any type of coffee creamer, it’s healthy, and it tastes great! Since I’ve been making an effort to only drink coffee once a week, I might try blending peppermint tea with coconut oil and see how that works. Thanks for this idea!

    • Oh you are SO WELCOME! Blending it is the best way to get it all incorporated- and it stays that way even after sitting for a while. I find it’s the same with salad dressings. You have to blend them so they stay fully emulsified!

      I tried coconut oil in some early grey tea to make a london fog here and it worked fantastically! You’ll have to let me know how it goes with peppermint tea! I’d imagine it’s great in any beverage you’d normally add milk too!

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  5. I got a little crazy today after reading this post.
    I made that coffee blended with 1 banana… AND… it was awesome!!! so creamy ! and it tasted sooooo good.
    It was like a coffee banana coconut smoothie.
    btw, I love coconut oil. I use it on my daughter diaper rash (it works like a charm) and to make homemade deodorant as well as face cream. they work wonderful and I smell like coconut.

    • Genius adding a banana! That sounds amazing, I want to make one right now!

      Isn’t coconut oil the best? It has to be my absolute favourite product and that’s saying something, since I love food! Coconut is such a good smell :)

      • i love coconut. a few days ago i made a pasta salad drizzled with coconut oil and my husband couldn’t stop eating it. since I make this salad often but never with the oil he kept asking me what I did different this time because IT’S SO GOOD. Couldn’t believe how much of a difference 2 tsp of coconut oil could make ;)

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  7. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

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  10. I’ve been meaning to comment on this for ages – great great article! Definitely a topic that more people should be aware of and agree with so many of the comments above as well (nutrition should DEFINITELY be a required course in school – so much more useful than trigenometry!?… & how unfortunate that body fat and food fat are the same word in English, as opposed to other languages where they are different…) I’ve upped my healthy fats this year a lot (as well as protein) and they really do help me feel healthy (plus taste good too!). Coconut oil is one that I’m still learning to use more (I’m actually going to post a home-made toothpaste recipe soon that is made with coconut oil – yum!). This may sound like a wierd question, but have you ever put coconut oil or some sort of coconut-product in smoothies? I tried putting a little coconut oil in my smoothie today just as an experiment and it gave it a slight coconut flavour, which was nice… but maybe coconut milk would be a better idea?

    • Wow I’m so excited for that toothpaste recipe!! I have some all natural toothpaste at the moment but I am trying to get into making more of my own products and since I love coconut oil, that sounds perfect!

      In smoothies- I do use coconut oil occasionally although more for nutrition than flavour. I use it a lot before a workout because it gives you loads of readily available energy without a spike in blood sugar! So add it even if the flavour isn’t changed too much :) but definitely add coconut milk or flakes if you are going for a coconutty smoothie.

      So glad you enjoyed this post and you’re totally about nutriton in schools as was said above. If nothing else, when I have kids, nutritionous food and knowledge will be something I’ll expose them too everyday, every meal. That way they are covered :)

      • While my childhood wasn’t full of the healthiest food all the time, at least not according to what my view of healthy is now, but I great up with very dark chocolate, fruit and frozen corn as treats. Yes, frozen corn. My parents did right by me with those :)

  11. I can 100% relate to the fast food eating days of dance and musical theatre. I jumped on the performing arts train at a very young age, and ended up devoting approximately five years of my late teens to early twenties to amateur theatre producing that took up about eight hours outside of school, and my two part time jobs (thank god one of them was working box office). If I didn’t have fast food or vending machines, I probably wouldn’t have eaten anything.

    But this coconut oil coffee! My mind is officially blown. I’m so afraid to try it, but I really really want to.

    • It must just be the dance and music theatre world! So easy to go for the neding machines and quick fixes. You just don’t have time for anything else! It’s shame because now I think how much better fuelled performances could have been if I had only known!

      Oh please try it! There are a couple people below who have tried it already and love it :) It’s so luxurious.

  12. So I’m trying this right now and I love it! I can’t have coffee without cream and sugar though I have been trying to cut back on the cream (soy cream) and I’ve switched to Truvia. I made a cup of regular black coffee and added about 3/4 tablespoon of coconut oil and truvia and stirred until the oil was blended in. I love how it tastes with just a little hint of coconut. Mine didn’t turn a creamy color though, but that might be because I didn’t blend it. Thanks again Gabby! This will certainly be a more cost-effective and healthy way to enjoy my joe!

    • You’re so welcome, I’m glad you like it! When I first tried it I was amazed and knew I had to share. And you’re so right- replaces the need for that soy creamer- yay for having a more streamlined kitchen :)

  13. this is so totally true.. all the crazy low fat fad.. the first questions everyone asks me when i tell them about my substitutions is wont you get fat and unhealthy on all that coconut oil and nuts. :)

    • Oh I know! I work at a coffee place and people always go for the low fat pastries because they think it’s the healthy choice! It makes me sad to think that they are so misinformed!

      I brought my raw brownies to work and the girls were so horrified at all the nuts and avocado I used. At least they are brownies that will fill you up! :)

  14. I could totally relate to your post – growing up it wasn’t unusual for us to grab a quick fastfood dinner in before dance classes, softball games and hockey practices – I cringe just hinking about the awful foods I put into my body all through highschool – food education is a powerful thing, thank you for sharing this! I myself gave up coffee about 3 years ago, but I will definitely pass this info along to my Dad who drink about 5 cups a Day!

    Love, love coconut oil – I had no idea it healed cuts!

    • I know right? My teenage eating habits were pretty bad! But good thing we smartened up and are treating are bodies with love now :)

      I kind of want to try coconut oil in tea now- could be delicious with like matcha or black teas- I know you are tea obsessed too so I will let you know how this experiment goes! Hope your dad likes the coffee!

      Coconut oil is amazing- you know how in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” the dad puts Windex on everything? That’s how I feel about coconut oil lol. When in doubt, use coconut oil. At least my go-to isn’t full of toxic chemicals like his was!

  15. Gaby, glad my recipe for Bulletproof Coffee piqued your interest! I’ve also made it with coconut oil only on occasion, usually when I’m out of CLA-rich butter, and it is ok tasting that way, but with less froth.

    The important thing to keep in mind is the part of the post about toxins in coffee, and the fact that decaf coffee is highest in toxins! Coffee plants make caffeine to protect the beans from mold & mildew and insects. When you strip out the caffeine (usually with toxic chemicals), you end up with beans that degrade much more easily in normal humidity found inside the coffee bag. The toxins are called mycotoxins and biogenic amines, and I’ve researched them extensively. 91.7% of South American coffee has toxic mold spores on it, according to a recent industry study. It’s that bad.

    Since you and your readers are into health and cleansing (me too; I lost 100lbs and have kept it off for years now, without exercise required), this is important info to consider. Caffeinated coffee without toxins is an amazing adaptagenic herb with high antioxidans; decaf (or most improperly processed caffeinated coffee), is a source of histamine and kidney-toxic mycotoxins.

    You can follow these instructions to have a good chance of finding lower toxin coffee: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/3-steps-to-finding-the-highest-performance-coffee-in-your-city/

    or you may want to try the coffee created with the proprietary low-toxin process I created based on years of research. It’s on the same site.

    • That’s some really good info thanks! I was totally not aware of any of that! I’m definitely going to look through that info on your site! I’m not sure I’ll start drinking caffeinated coffee on a regular basis again (I like no needing coffee and fear I’d become addicted to it again!), but I’ll definitely use your tips for my treat days and reconsider my decaf coffee. Thanks so much!!

  16. Oh I LOVE coconut oil in coffee, so so good! I am a coffee fiend, you are very very good to be able to limit your consumption to decaf :) How good is FAT!?!

  17. I found this via Cara :D. I’m not scared of a bit of fat since it is something necessary – some people definitely take the whole fat free thing to ridiculous levels. Very informative indeed. I adore my coffee and have never considered adding anything but milk, cream or perhaps a sneaky bit of butter to it. I can imagine that this might taste quite nice actually. I’ve been meaning to extend my selection of oils – so when I get around to trying some coconut oil I’ll make sure that I remember to give this a go!

  18. Great post Gabby. I just read an article in Fitness magazine that addressed this very topic. Pretty much the only fat that is truly bad is trans fats. Even saturated fats-in moderation, of course-are beneficial. I used to be one of those consumers who shunned anything that wasn’t reduced or fat free. Thanks to my required nutrition course for nursing, I’ve learned a lot about proper eating habits and why fat isn’t the enemy. I think a full semester of nutrition should be required for middle or high schoolers. Just knowing how to read a nutrition label could go a long way towards helping people make better choices.
    I will be trying coconut oil in my coffee! I drink about a cup a day (Keurig makes it so darn convenient!) and I’ve been wanting to try coconut oil in cooking applications, so now I have another reason to purchase it!

    • I completely agree with you- why wasn’t I being taught nutrition in my health classes? I think it’s so important, especially when cafeterias in schools have cheap burgers and fries and expensive, boring salads. I never saw WHY anyone (including myself) would choose anything but fries and dessert. Maybe with some education, kids could make the right choices, leading to changes in the schools…sigh….

      Keurig is amazing :) I hope you like the coffee! Please let me know! Oh coconut it so fabulous- use it everywhere! You won’t regret it. Makes a great moisturizer too!

  19. I am so glad you posted this! I’ve given up coffee as well in a past cleanse (and I used to be a total coffee monster drinking multiple cups a day!) and never picked it back up as a daily habit. Before this cleanse I limited my coffee to decaf and one small cup every 3 weeks to one month. This is a brilliant recipe though, I especially love the low acidity and how the coconut oil makes it creamy!

    I’m also glad that you posted the benefits of healthy fats. It makes me sad that people avoid nuts and avocado and healthy oils because they are afraid it’ll make them fat. They are missing out on so many things! You know I love my avocado ;)

    • I feel like when I have my monthly cup of coffee, this is what I would want it to be, it’s so luxurious that it really makes it worth it :) I have been making cold-pressed decaf coffee since the end of my cleanse and I think I might use that to make this drink occasionally. It’s just so good!

      Healthy fats are probably my favourite grouping of foods- nut and seed butters, coconut and avocado all fall in there and I don’t know what I’d do without them now! Fat just enhances everything it’s a part of!

      I’m glad you liked the post! Hehe yes you and your avocados- but I mean, no one could ever blame you ;)

  20. Great post on one of the most important food topics for sure! Especially us women :) I spent so many years eating high fat foods in the raw days and couldn’t go long-term without richness and full flavored foods in my diet. I can’t tell you how many bags of Macadamias I ate and how soft it made my skin!! This idea sounds very intriguing – and I admit I have never heard of this! It looks delicious! :) Happy Saturday! xo

    • It’s actually so cool how adding fats back into my diet has changed me- my skin is softer too and my nails are stronger, as is my hair! Plus I enjoy foods a ton more- fat just makes foods taste GOOD. I was at a point where I wouldn’t even let myself eat nuts or avocados for a while and would measure out nut butters I ate so carefully. You can probably tell how much my view on things have changed ;)

      I hope you try the coffee! It’s so luxurious!

  21. I love your explanations of various health benefits- Where the heck were you during all of my nutrition classes in college???

    My family lived on processed foods and tons of other bad things so naturally I became overweight (like everyone else in my family), so when the fat-free craze came along in my teenage years, I was desperate for anything that might help me lose this weight. It’s really all about the quick fix, isn’t it? Just like you, I have done a complete 180, and I am so thankful for making fat my friend. It’s all about balance and moderation.

    I admire your 1/month coffee goal and wish you luck with that. I’m going to have to give this oil in coffee concept a try- sounds pretty great!

    • Hehe I’m a nutrition/science geek at heart- I love doing the research and finding out exactly why foods are good for me :) What I love about it is that it’s like a snowball effect- easy to digest means reduced stress on the body which means improved overall functioning!

      It’s amazing the changes I saw when I incorporated healthy fats back in- softer skin, stronger nails…plus I enjoy my food more now :)

      Hopefully I can stick with my coffee goal. I’ve found replacements that will make it easier and I find when I consume caffeine now in the form of green tea I can feel the effects- almost jittery! If nothing else this will help me stick to my goal- not sure my body would react well to a full cup anymore!

  22. Another great informative post Gabby! As someone who has dealt with disordered eating issues for many years, I know what the “fat fear” feels like. It has been engrained in our heads to not consume fat if we don’t want to get fat! Sounds simple, right? Well, thats what I followed for so many years, not realizing how wrong this was. And you are so right about the sugar intake increasing in foods that have the fat removed…I mean, how else would they get back the flavor that is lost from removing the fat? I think you have a very healthy perspective here about promoting the consumption of good, healthy fats…in moderation, of course!

    • Thanks Shelby! I definitely had my share of disordered eating habits (although nothing extreme) and it really upsets me now when I see people struggling with the same thing! Especially now that I know that some things people fear the most are actually so healthful! What I find really worrying is that when people choose low fat foods because they want to be healthy, in some ways they are achieving the opposite- all that sugar and artificial ingredients that are added into the food to enhance flavour can only be hurting them.

      At least now we have figured it out and can spread the word right? :)

  23. what a great, informative post!! coconut oil is SO amazing…the health properties are phenomenal, but people fear it because of the high saturated fat number on the nutrition facts!! Coconut Oil is a superfood on the Anti-Candida diet because of its antifungal properties!! and it’s so sad that we have the same word for dietary and body fat. most cultures and languages differentiate the two — so smart for SO many reasons! thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

    • Oh, and thank you for reading it! It’s so unfortunate it’s been demonized, but it’s so phenomenal! Doesn’t hurt that it tastes great too! I definitely notice my digestion is much happier when I incorporate coconut oil so I completely see why it would be such an important addition to the Anti-Candida diet. I feel like we should get together and come up with a new word for either body fat or dietary fat- we could change the English-speaking world ;)

  24. I had to try this as soon as I read your post (even before I finished reading it, actually.) I first tried mixing it with a wire whisk. It didn’t work, just a lot of foam, no emulsion! So I poured everything in the blender. I don’t take my coffee with cream, just black with some stevia. But this tasted…different, somehow. It had the “feel” of drinking coffee with cream, but still had that nice dark coffee taste (plus coconut!) Though I like my coffee dark, I like this, too. I threw in some ice cubes and it stayed nicely blended, and tasted good! Thanks for posting! :D

    • You are awesome! I love how excited you get by ideas and just dive in! I’m glad you like this! I don’t put milk in my coffee either but this is luxurious like cream without sacrificing taste :) try it before a workout- you’ll have so much energy!

      • Thanks, I like that a lot of your posts are quick and easy, and I’m usually in the kitchen with my laptop so whenever I read your blog I’m like, “I gotta try this!” And I totally agree with you describing it as “luxurious like cream without sacrificing taste,” that’s exactly it! It sounds like a terrific pre-workout boost, thanks for the tip! :D

  25. I just found your blog and now want to make it one of my regulars! The only thing is that it’s kinds hard to read…..I don’t know if you’re open to suggestions, but maybe if the printing was bigger and darker, it would be more eye catching. Its still fantastic just the way it is of course, but its the first thing I noticed. Unsolicited advice i know, but hey.

  26. This is a crazy amazing type of coffee – I knew coconut oil was healthy but did not realize the extent of its benefits!
    Thanks so much my friend seriously!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • No, THANK YOU so much :) Glad you liked the post and learned something! I didn’t even list all the specific diseases and symptoms it helps with, just the major, overarching ones. Isn’t it a crazytown food?

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