happy mother’s day and a round-up!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! And of course a special happy mother’s day to my own Mom :). She is an incredibly supportive, kind and generous person who puts up with my moodiness and  indecisiveness and supports me in all my choices whether it’s trying out new health practices (like going plant-based!) or moving across the world for a year. Thanks and love you Maman*!

And don’t worry Papa, you are very loved as well :)

*For all non-French speakers out there this is Mom and Dad in French ;)

Before I forget a few quick things:

  1. Thank you to all of you who stopped by for the Virtual Vegan Potluck yesterday! If you missed my post click here. I made a raw strawberry cream cake and you definitely want to see it ;). Make sure you check out all the other delicious contributions! And a big thank you to Annie at An Unrefined Vegan for organizing it! I discovered a ton of new blogs that I know I’m going to love. Thanks for bringing us together :)
  2. I added a My Kitchen page to the blog a while ago to show you all what I like to keep in my fridge. It really helps to have a well stocked pantry to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable! I never pointed it out so I thought I’d do that now…
  3. More recently I added a Health & Wellness page where I’m putting any posts I write that relate to health and wellness specifically like dry skin brushing or my cleanse. I’ve decided not to include any of the posts where I discuss the health benefits of certain foods or ingredients, since that might clutter things up a bit (I discuss why I love ingredients all the time!). To find that information, just reference the individual recipes! Also be on the look out for a “Resources” and a “Blog Love” page. I’ll post those soon, hopefully.
  4. I reorganized my Recipes page a little to make it a little easier to find specific recipes. Any suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated!

While I don’t have a specific recipe to share with you all, I thought I’d highlight some tasty treats that would be great to make for your mom today, or any other day you just feel like treating her.

Wake her up with breakfast in bed with…

German Chocolate Pancakes


Raw Cinnamon Rolls

Serve it with…


a Healthy Peppermint Mocha

For lunch perhaps…


a Pizza with Polenta Crust


or Sweet Potato Fries with Raw Cashew Tomato Dip?

Make sure she doesn’t go hungry with…


Lemon-Coconut Hemp Seed Bites


or an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Green Smoothie

Let her put her feet up while you make dinner. Maybe…


Zucchini-Quinoa-Tofu Lasagna



Chipotle Tempeh Burgers

or even….


Pasta with Kale Avocado Pesto

Finally, end the day with a special dessert to make her feel extra special. How about some…


quick and easy Chocolate Raspberry Pudding/Mousse


IMG_0059 gluten free feed

Hemp Seed Fudge Bites (my first recipe on the veggie nook!)

or an extra special…


Raw Strawberry Cream Cake?

For more ideas, check out my Recipe page!

Enjoy your special day Moms! You deserve it :)


24 thoughts on “happy mother’s day and a round-up!

  1. Look at all the wonderful food you have made and shared in such a short time Gabby! Aren’t you amazed? I am! It all looks incredible! XO! :)

  2. Everything in this round up looks amazing!

    I love all your organizing you are doing on the Blog- very nice :)

    ….and before I forget, I made the Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie this morning and it was INCREDIBLE – so filling, and I totally had no choice but to eat it with a spoon, it was like dessert for breakfast. THANK YOU for sharing such a great, easy and healthy recipe. xoxo

  3. Happy Mother’s Day!! What wonderful meal ideas! Those pancakes phenomenal, along with the rest of your beautiful dishes. I can’t wait to check out the new sections of your site! I’m a day behind because I worked all day yesterday but that cake looks SOOOOOOOO good! You are so talented!

    • Awww I don’t know if I’m all that but I’m so glad you like the look of everything! I’m sorry to hear you had to work all day yesterday :( Hopefully you had some time today to rest and recharge!

      I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for the new pages!

    • WordPress spammed this comment….how strange!

      Yes it’s too bad I was at work so couldn’t spoil her as much as I would like to have (left before she was awake and came back after she’d had lunch), but I brought her home a green tea latter (with soy! So proud of her lol) and she had a delicious dinner and dessert coming up. Hope you are getting spoiled today :)

      The page was fun for me to put together- like a grocery list but I could have EVERYTHING I wanted. And thanks for having me in the Potluck! Let’s do it again shall we?

      • Oh your mom really is getting spoiled! It’s great that she’s enjoying new foods. (I’ve noticed that a lot of my comments are getting spammed…irritating!) Let’s definitely do it again! I’ll be talking about that in tomorrow’s post…:-)

  4. I like your idea for the polenta crust for the pizza. Polenta is so yum and one of my faves, but totally underused!
    The potluck was fun yesterday. I got to see a whole lot of blogs I wouldn’t have seen otherwise too…hope we get to do it again.
    Have you ever considered doing Recipage to organize your recipes? I did it soon after I started my blog and it is such an easy way to organize and showcase your recipes…just a thought.
    Have a nice Sunday!

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