beautifully detoxifying dry skin brushing

I only recently started dry skin brushing but I have simply fallen in love with it! It’s such a simple thing, takes only a few minutes out of your day and has some unbelievably amazing benefits associated with it. I think it’s something that everyone would benefit from incorporating into their daily morning routine. I mean why wouldn’t you want to incorporate another detoxifying practice into your life?

First, for those of you who might not be familiar with dry skin brushing, here is a quick run down. It involves using an all-natural fiber brush to gently rub or massage your dry skin. Very simple! No fancy equipment or special knowledge needed here. But that doesn’t mean the results aren’t impressive!

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

  • Stimulates your lymphatic system: the lymphatic system is very important for detoxifying your body- it delivers important molecules like vitamins and foreign invaders to your lymphatic organs, which act to detoxify the body. This is very important for immunity! Your body needs the opportunity to remove the foreign invaders, but if your lymph system isn’t flowing, then it can’t. The lymph system itself doesn’t actually contain any pumps to move this fluid around- it relies on our own movement thus stimulating it with dry brushing is great for keeping this fluid moving
  • Detoxifies your skin: did you know your skin is your body’s largest organ, responsible for eliminating 1/4 of the toxins from your body? Dry skin brushing sloughs off dead skin cells allowing toxins to move out of the body through the skin. If toxins are unable to leave through the skin they are either stored in fat cells (contributing to cellulite) or they go back into the blood system, causing havoc and stressing out other detox organs like your kidneys and liver! Under normal conditions, your skin eliminates these toxins naturally but in today’s world we are bombarded with toxins and debris that clogs our skin, rendering the skin inactive. Getting rid of dead skin cells allows your skin to do it’s detoxifying job properly!
  • Improves skin’s texture and tone: helps with rough patches and reduces and prevents cellulite!
  • Stimulates hormone and oil-producing glands: unclogging the system allows your skin to produce the oil it needs to stay healthy- soft skin is on it’s way!
  • Strengthens your immune system (see above note on the lymphatic system)
  • Stimulates your nervous system: dry skin brushing stimulates nerve endings which activate muscle fibers leading to better muscle tone, and improves blood flow to help with regeneration of skin cells. This means you have more new healthy skin cells!
  • Gets you glowing: creates changes both internally and externally that improves health and beautifies your skin giving you a healthy glow :)

How to do it:

Directions for dry skin brushing range from very simple to incredibly complicated. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • use a large natural fiber brush (about the size f your hand) with a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body easily. This is the brush I use. You can order it from amazon!
  • the skin should be dry
  • do it once a day for a few minutes each time. For complete cellulite removal it is recommended you spend a few minutes on trouble areas alone, so if you have the time, go for it!
  • always do it before showering so the water can wash away the dry skin cells you’ve loosened
  • use circular motions, always moving towards the heart to stimulate your lymphatic system
  • don’t brush too hard. At first, you’ll be really sensitive since your skin isn’t used to it and your brush will be stiff. Brush as hard as you can comfortably stand and you’ll find you can go a bit harder the longer you do it. I’ve only been doing it 3 weeks and can press quite a bit harder than the beginning. You don’t want to turn your skin beet red though so be careful. No skin damage here mmm k?
  • pay special attention to areas where you have lymph nodes: armpits, behind your knees and elbow creases as well as areas where skin is rough like your knees and elbows
  • start on the soles of your feet- lots of nerve endings here! Then work your way up each leg and butt cheek. You can spend a little extra time on your thighs if you’d like to help with cellulite. Next do your arms, starting at your hands and working your way up. Then brush up your abdomen (ladies be careful on your chest) and down your back and neck. Here’s a graphic I found that shows the proper directions:

Remember, this is dry skin brushing, not rocket science so don’t make it more complicated than it has to be! Just remember to always move towards the heart and get every inch of the beautiful skin of yours brushed!

My take:

I absolutely loved adding this to my routine. While I have yet to notice some of the benefits such as reduced cellulite, these are changes that require months of continual brushing. In 3 weeks I HAVE noticed improved skin texture and tone though and find I don’t need to use nearly as much moisturizer as before! It seems that through sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating oil-producing glands, my skin has been able to reach an equilibrium where it no longer needs outside help! Oh and those little bumps you get on the back of your upper arms? They are definitely reduced and I expect with continual brushing they will soon be gone.

One thing I really like about dry skin brushing is that there is really no lifestyle change required to incorporate it. Even people who are adamantly against changing other aspects of their life such as diet, exercise, personal care products etc., can benefit from this exercise without having to give anything up or change their mindset and thinking. Just add it into your daily “getting ready in the morning routine” and you can see amazing benefits. Now I’m not saying that I don’t think diet, exercise and choice in products is important- I think it’s imperative. But it’s always nice to be able to do something to benefit your health that requires very little change or effort don’t you think?

My absolute favourite part? I found this put me more in touch with my body- I got to know it better! And through researching all the benefits of dry skin brushing and taking on the practice of it, the knowledge that I am treating my body with the utmost care and attention is truly rewarding. It has provided me with a deeper respect for the functioning of my body, and my skin in particular and I love that I am nourishing my body in a way to help it take care of me. Engaging in such a simple activity of self-care supports my body so it can support me!

This appreciation for the functioning of my body as well as the care and attention I’m now providing it, increases the love I have for my body. Self-love is incredibly important and the deeper connection to my body that skin brushing has afforded me enhanced my concept of self-worth! Isn’t it wild what a few minutes a day spent with a brush can do?

I hope some of you out there found this helpful and maybe it will inspire some of you to take this on as a regular practice! I’ll update on my experience in a couple months time!

Do any of you dry skin brush on a regular basis? Any experiences you’d like to share?

And quickly before I go! A quick shout out to Terra and Brittany at terra, not terror who nominated me for a Liebster Award and Jennifer at the foodery who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

You ladies are so lovely :) It really means a lot coming from such fantastic women such as yourselves.

24 thoughts on “beautifully detoxifying dry skin brushing

  1. I was waiting for this one – bookmarked! I have a brush (have had so many over the years!) – starting asap! Best post yet? It just might be – I’ll keep you posted girl! xo!

  2. Skin brushing is great! I’ve only been doing it for almost weeks and love it! I have to admit that I use a loofah sponge (I’ve read it’s also ok) – I don’t have a brush, and since I am about to move across the ocean, buying another thing I can’t take with ‘just to try’ seemed like a bad idea. Since I can’t reach all my body parts with it (some parts of my back), I am planning on getting a brush in the future (post-move). I certainly noticed changes in my skin, it is smoother and softer! The other thing is that I normally take a shower after exercising – well, after pilates or sthing like that dry brushing works well (I am not soaked in sweat), but after running or HIIT/Tabata (for sure not after running) it doesn’t really work…at least I feel that it may nut be the best idea to brush my salty, dried-sweaty skin…so on my running days I had to incorporate 2 showers a day (post-run then post-brush). There is nothing wrong with cleanness, but 2 showers may be overdone just because of dry skin brushing. Thus I think in the future I will only continue dry brushing 3-4 times a week. Nonetheless, I will certainly keep this habit!!!

    • I hear you one the moving thing- as someone who has moved/switched apartments 8 times in the last 6 years I can totally relate to not needing “one more thing” to worry about! I’ve heard a loofah is good as well, so glad to hear from someone’s personal experience that this is true! Probably would never travel with my brush and loofah seems a lot more compact ;)

      I’ve never run into quite the scheduling problems you have with exercise and this practice, but I totally agree that 2 showers a day just to dry skin brush is a little excessive! I think any healthy behaviour should be able to be practically incorporated into your schedule, and if this means 3-4 times a week, that’s awesome! It’s all about the behaviour being realisic :)

      Thanks for sharing your experience with it! I love hearing about the differences and similarities with my own. I’m with you- it’s a keeper!

  3. Whenever I’ve done a cleanse, I have to confess…I’ve skipped the dry brushing. Just didn’t seem worth the time. Your experience makes me re-think it, for sure! And congrats on the awards!!

    • I was the same as you, didn’t put much stock in it. When I read Crazy Sexy Diet though it piqued my interest and the more research I did, the more beneficial I realized it was! Plus it makes your skin feel great so why not? Definitely give it a try!

      And thank you :)

      Wrote my post for the potluck today- excited!

    • Thank you Richa! Yes, I had been procrastinating too but when I decided I would do a spring cleanse it seemed like a good idea to go full force ahead with loads of detoxifying practices. So glad I started. I hope you try it and you’ll have to let me know how you like it!

      I dropped by and placed a bid :) What a great fundraiser and even if I don’t get the item I bid for I will definitely contribute some money.

  4. Awesome post – now that I know more about the health benefits, I will try to make better use of my brush! I wish I had known about skin brushing last year when I first became ill with Chronic Fatigue. People with CFS often have poorly functioning immune systems; combining this with limited mobility (due to extreme fatigue), the lymphatic system tends to get pretty sluggish, which then snowballs with the poor immunity… Skin brushing would have been a great, gentle way to get the lymph moving back then – but better late than never! Thanks for such a great post.

    • That’s really interesting! I know so little about CFS- but what an amazing application for dry skin brushing! I’m glad I was able to help you make that connection and I hope you start experiencing some of the benefits :)

      Good luck and I’m so happy to have helped!

  5. I loved reading about your experience! I started dry brushing last year then my brush went missing, Obvisouly it is time to either A. look for the missing brush or B. buy a new one on Amazon!

    The information you provided is so helpful for those starting or interested in dry brushing – great job Gabby :) xoxo

    • Aww shucks Heather! I’m so glad you liked it! I found most of the information I was reading on dry skin brushing to be very technical so I wanted to add a more personal aspect to my whole experience. I’m glad that came across :)

      Definitely look for that brush. It’s an amazing piece of equipment ;)

  6. this post really made me wanna buy a skin brush! i just dont know where i could find a similar one to yours over here in austria. I already looked in the german amazon pages but didnt really have success!!

  7. Congrats on the awards! Both very well deserved :)

    Great discussion on dry brushing! I first heard about it from Crazy Sexy Diet. I never really got into that aspect of the cleanse but you are convincing me to give it a try! It definitely seems like a beneficial practice! I’ll be on the lookout for the brush, I bet they sell them at Whole Foods. Thanks for the info!

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