updates and a new spin on cereal


Hello friends! Today is Sunday, which means the official ending of the first phase of my cleanse! I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the last couple weeks, I’m a little sad to see them gone!

Some of my favourite things from the past 2 weeks:

1. I was forced to think outside the box and come up with new and interesting foods to enjoy. I finally found a way that I enjoy chia pudding (recipe to come!), tried out raw breakfast porridges and never once got bored of what I was eating!

2. Raw food! Who knew eating high raw could be so delicious? Well obviously lots of people, this is not a new concept, but I never thought I could enjoy it so much! From raw granola to “meat sauce” to sprouted quinoa, I dabbled in a few areas the last couple weeks. I even managed to surpass my goal of 2 raw meals and 1 raw snack per day. I often had 2 meals and all my snacks raw and even sometimes an almost 100% raw day! I’m really proud of that and also amazed at how easy it was. I envisioned raw eating to be something that required a lot of planning and forethought (which it can at times) but it can actually be as simple as you want it to be and still be delicious!

3. Dry skin brushing. This is seriously one of the best practices I have taken up. I’ll do a post on it soon to outline why I started and my results and experiences with it. But so far I am IN LOVE!

4. No more caffeine. Not only that but I have found awesome replacements and find I don’t really miss it! This cleanse has opened my eyes to the physical and emotional effects of caffeine. It is a real addiction with real withdrawal and I don’t feel comfortable with having that kind of dependency, no matter how much society says its of in moderation (i.e.. 1-3 cups a day). I’m really going to monitor my consumption of it from now on and keep my eyes peeled for some good quality decaffeinated teas.

5. Body acceptance. For some reason I have noticed just how much time I spend looking in the mirror. Maybe it’s heightened awareness from doing yoga everyday and being diligent about what is going into my body, I’m not sure. While I don’t think checking yourself in the mirror is a bad thing (we all have a little vanity in there) but I know for myself it’s not always a positive experience and I’m sure other people can relate. And this is the problem: for every time I look in the mirror and find something wrong with myself that is a moment taken from my day where I am putting myself down when instead I could be using that moment for positive thinking and gratitude. This last week I decided that whenever I looked in the mirror and found a negative thought creeping in, I would immediately find something, physical or not, that I liked about myself and repeat it 3 times. This did wonders for my mood and I found myself walking taller and prouder as a result. Turns out simple reminders of what I liked about myself crowded out the bad and led to a serious boost in being comfortable in my own skin!

Now this post wouldn’t be complete without a recipe. And I have 2 for you! The first highlights my recent experimentation with new foods and my newfound love of all things raw and the second is a caffeine-free beverage that is so good, you’ll never miss the taste of coffee. I almost feel bad posting it as a recipe and I don’t have a great picture of it, but it’s really good so I hope you’ll forgive me!

Raw Veggie Cereal (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Raw)


This is an idea I got from roomag.com and at first I was totally skeptical of the idea. But the  curiosity in me took over and I decided to make it. And now I’ve made it 3 times and tweaked it to where I like it. What I love about it is all the fruits and veggies you get in you first thing in the morning! 5-6ish servings! It’s a great way to start a busy day where you won’t have a lot of time to pay attention to what you’re eating or won’t have the opportunity to eat a ton of fresh produce. Apples are lower on the glycemic index as well, so that combined with the veggies mean this breakfast is easy on your blood sugar levels. Loaded with tons of fibre, good carbohydrates and healthy fat this is a breakfast that will keep you going and give you an energizing start. Give it a try!

Adapted from this recipe for raw veggie cereal.

  • 1 carrot, chopped roughly
  • 2 tbsp raw almonds (or any other nut you choose)
  • 1 cup raw broccoli
  • 2 apples, cored (pears are good too!)
  • 1 medjool date, pitted
  • almond milk
  • splash of vanilla
  • unsweetened dried coconut
  • cinnamon

Pulse the carrot and almonds in a food processor until they are in small pieces, then add the broccoli, apples and the date and process until the pieces are the size of couscous. Put into a bowl, pour in almond milk and vanilla and stir. Top with coconut flakes and cinnamon and serve!

This makes a huuuuge bowl. I ate about 2/3 and was completely stuffed so save the rest for a snack for later.


It’s so pretty too with all the green and orange flecks!

Dandy Blend Hot “Coffee” (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free)

I have been drinking this almost every morning lately. It tastes so much like coffee it’s unreal- rich and deeply flavoured but with no caffeine!

  • 1 1/2 tsp Dandy Blend
  • 1-2 drops chocolate stevia
  • hot water
  • splash of almond milk

Spoon the Dandy blend into a standard size mug (if you use a really big mug, use 2-2 1/2 tsp of Dandy blend) and add the stevia (adjust according to much size and taste preference). Pour hot water on top, leaving space for a splash of almond milk. Stir and enjoy!


The next step: tomorrow marks the beginning of reintroducing some grains as well as tea and chocolate. I’m not sure just how much I’ll put back in, probably sparingly. I feel so good right now I just don’t want to tamper with it!

Happy Sunday all!

I am submitting this recipe to: Allergy Free Wednesdays, Allergy Friendly Fridays and Wellness Weekends!


36 thoughts on “updates and a new spin on cereal

  1. I just made this… it is awesome. There are a lot of nights were all I want is a huge bowl of cereal, but don’t need the processed carbs. This is perfect!

    I would love more recipes like this.

    • Awesome, I’m glad you like it! It’s definitely a great alternative to cereal. I haven’t had this in a few weeks- I think I’ll make it for breakfast tomorrow!

      I’ll do my best in coming up with more recipes like this one! Thanks for reading :)

  2. What a crazy/cool raw cereal! Never would have thought to put carrots and broccoli …. a wee bit skeptical (despite having been a devoted raw vegan in the past). I love your mirror exercise. I need to do more of that!

  3. I loved reading about your high raw cleanse – thank you for sharing. I love my morning juice with apples and broccoli, I am going to definitely try your morning cereal it looks so interesting!

    About 3 years ago I gave up coffee I too did not like the feeling of being dependent on a substance, I replaced it with a variety of teas both decaffienated and caffienated- which i simply love!

    • Aww thank you :) I was starting to worry I sounded like a broken record always talking about it!

      Any tea recommendations? I’m tea obsessed and have a massive collection, but I love getting new ones! You can never have too many teas ;)

  4. Consciously working towards body acceptance is the only true way to reach it, I think. No matter how often we wake up thinking “I’m just going to love my body”, it is something you have to work at. Yay you for powering towards that goal! :)

    • For sure, I have told myself so many times to just accept myself with no real results. So other feels good to be making progress! While I don’t think it’s something that I’ll ever be 100% at, any improvement is a good thing in my books!

  5. That’s wonderful you are feeling so great – physically AND mentally, they go hand in hand, no? Oh I LOVE dandelion… we call them LSD’s over here (Latte Soy Dandelion) but I have changed to almond milk more so these days so maybe I should call mine an LAD, but it doesn’t really have the same ring to it :)

    I really have to try dry skin brushing… I’ve read so much great stuff about it!

  6. Is Dandy Blend like a dandelion tea type of drink? I’ve always been interested to try it but a bit skeptical… I like the taste of coffee but never had an addiction to caffeine – tho I have tried to cut it out for health reasons and have decaf tea and coffee when I do drink them.
    Also interested to read your post about skin brushing! I do it occasionally, but would like to hear about how other people do it as I’ve heard several different ways. Maybe it’ll motivate me to actually do it every day!

    • Ya that’s exactly what it is. I Was skeptical too even though it gets great reviews but I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t taste exactly like coffee but it makes a drink that has the same feel- really rich. You can use it to make something that almost tastes like tea too or make it really strong for a more espresso type beverage. Try it out! I have fallen in love :)

  7. There’s brocolli in there? Interesting.
    I’m excited to read about the dry brushing, I’ve been curious about it but I wanna hear about it from real people, not info pages on google haha

    Congrats on completing the first phase of the cleanse!

  8. Amazing Gabby – congrats! So good to hear you are feeling great! I can relate with you on many of your points at the top – and I am thinking i shoud be skin brushing too (my GF does it religiously)! xo!

    • I read a bunch of really positive reviews on dandy blend before I ordered it, but I still didn’t expect it to be as good as it is! I could give up coffee forever if cafes would use it lol.

      Ya its been really rewarding so far! I think Ill try to do something similar at the beginning of each season :)

  9. I love the idea of that cereal! Did you eat it cold or hot? I think it would be great either way…hot would almost remind me of oatmeal…hmmm, I think I will try that tomorrow morning!

  10. Wow it sounds like this cleanse has been for the soul just as much as the body. That is so amazing that you’ve gotten so much out of it and that you are feeling amazing. I love this post and all of the positivity that is emanating from you.

    That breakfast looks so interesting! I think I have all of the ingredients, I may have to give it a try ;)

    Congrats on completing phase one! You are truly an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much! When you train your brain to be a positive space it’s amazing how great you can feel! I’m not even that good at it yet and I’ve noticed big changes :)

      Let me know if you try the cereal! I found it strange at first but once you get past the idea that you’re eating veg and it’s sweet, it’s so good!

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