german chocolate pancakes

Hello lovely readers!

The weather continues to be stellar here, as I hear it is everywhere. I’m trying not to be too pleased about it- as a weatherman on this morning’s news pointed out, it’s not supposed to be this nice and we will pay for this later on. This is an indication something is wrong. But since it’s going to be nice out anyway, we might as well enjoy it right? I took my morning tea outside in the backyard for the first time in a while and it was so nice and refreshing! While not the peaceful experience I had been hoping for (what with train tracks near by and some construction), I got to listen to all the birds, watch a chipmunk run around and breath in nice, brisk, fresh air. Spring, welcome back!

Today I don’t have anything here, but I did a guest post over at Rantings of an Amateur Chef. While quite a different blog from my own, we share a passion for experimenting and having fun in the kitchen and I am so happy that Pat shared my excitement in having a vegan post! So pop on over and check out his blog and see my recipe for German Chocolate Pancakes. A decadent treat for breakfast that is still healthy ;). We have breakfast for dinner (or brinner), so why not dessert for breakfast? Dessfast? Breakert? I don’t know, either way, it’s a must-try!

Happy Monday!


17 thoughts on “german chocolate pancakes

  1. I forgot how much I love german chocolate cake until this post..and in pancake form? Yes, please!
    It sounds like your weather is a lot like the weather here in Colorado. It was in the 70s all last week, but cooler now, and every native here is thinking we’re still due for a big, branch-breaking snowstorm before we really settle into spring. We have a saying here: If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!

    • Haha I’m glad you like the look of these! It’s not too often I make cake, so this is a great way to have it without going through that effort :)

      Ya we got up to 22C here yesterday which is just bananas. Usually we have snow…lol. But I think March has some surprises for us yet!

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