Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Man, were we rolling out a lot of green tea lattes and frappucinos at work today….

I don’t have anything new for you today but thought I would do a quick little drop in a make some last-minute suggestions for some green eats :). While St. Patty’s is an excuse to indulge in green beer and lots of pub food, you can also use the excuse to pack your meals full of green goodness!

Maybe try am energizing green smoothie for breakfast?

Avocado Mango Bruschetta for lunch?

Some kale avocado pesto for dinner?

And green mint chocolate chip smoothie/ice cream for dessert?

Who says green can’t be delicious?

Before I go here are some lovely shots of Ireland to leave you with…

And one of my favourite songs by and Irish band:

Have a lovely day celebrating however you choose to do it!

Sláinte mhaith! (Means “Cheers!” in Irish or literally “good health”)


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