stormy beginnings

So it seems like the weather took the extra day in the year as an opportunity to load us with a ton of snow, rain and freezing rain. FUN. I mean I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much…we’ve had a really easy winter and I guess it is pretty…

view of our backyard, snow’s still falling!

view out the front. We honestly haven’t seen anything like this since December and even then it was short-lived!

Since it’s March 1st, I thought I would take the opportunity to look at my life and see areas where I’d like to improve. A new month, new start (none of this New Year’s resolution crap…I think I should be able to make goals whenever I want don’t you? That way there’s no excuse to put them off either!)

Starting a new job has been great- something to fill the hours and of course, money is always nice. It’s taken me a bit of time to settle into a new groove, and while I’m definitely getting better at not collapsing with exhaustion at the end of everyday, there’s definitely room. improvement. I used to practice yoga about 4x a week and this has shrunk down to non-existent in the last couple weeks. But last night, I pushed myself to go and I am so glad I did! My back had been acting up from standing all day and yoga really helped to release it. So goal one:

1. Practice yoga 3x per week

Next goal is related to my saxophone. Poor thing has been completely neglected in the past month. I am only just starting out with it so taking a couple weeks completely off from it is huge. When I was playing it everyday I actually noticed significant improvements and I am actually scared to see how it’s probably regressed! So no matter what I am going to:

2. Practice the saxophone 5 days a week. Even if its only for 15 at a time (and lets face it, that’s probably all it will be. Getting those facial muscles in shape is hard work and mine are often exhausted to the point of being incapable of playing after a while)

my sax :) A Thomann Antique Alto 

I also want to continue exploring my new ways of eating. I’ve recently read a few books- The Thrive Diet and Whole Foods to Thrive which I discuss here and Healthy Eating at Every Size which have really helped guide my eating practices and general attitude towards eating in the last couple of months. So my third goal is:

3. Continue to honor my body and eat what I feel it wants, when I am hungry, not when I think I “should” eat (such as standard meal times or based on when I last ate). I have found lately lots of raw foods and easily digestible fats and proteins have really worked well for me so I’ll continue exploring that route.

random eats

Another thing Health At Every Size taught me (amazing book by the way, anyone struggling with body issues should read this, not simply people  struggling with weight) was that my body is an amazing thing. It allows me to walk, jump, run and dance, hug the people I love, cook delicious food and old ridiculous yoga poses. It simply allows me to experience life and this world. So appreciate it and stop being so negative about how we look. Society teaches us to be dissatisfied with our bodies so we buy into their fixes (diet products, make-up, clothes etc.). The problem is not our bodies, it is society. So goal number 4:

4. Continue practicing self-love: don’t worry if I eat a lot in one day- as long as I am listening to what my body wants, the fact that I am eating a lot means it needs it. Don’t compare myself to others both in looks and lifestyle- sure she may look great, but there may be a lot under the surface I don’t know. Practice compassion because everyone is fighting a battle!

And finally, I just want to say I hope March is a month of positive thinking, good eats, friends, family and music for all :). Happy March!

5 thoughts on “stormy beginnings

  1. Chiar am trait un moment asemanator, acum cativa ani. Singura diferenta a fost ca m-am trezit pentru ca imi era frig, iar sotul meu se trezisedin cauza unei dureri de masea. :))Poate anul acesta vom sarbatori prima zapada iesind la o plimbare, ne vom tine de mana si vom saruta fulgii de nea. O sapatamana vesela sa ai!

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  3. Great goals Gabby! You cover a lot here, much of which is very close to my heart. It is a powerful freedom that comes with eating when your body tells you (and not your mind full of should’s or should not’s) – may your future be filled with music, yoga, good food, and an abundance of self love! :)

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