starting a new job has me feeling very out of sorts.  I wasn’t working for 2 months and got verrrry used to getting up whenever I wanted working out whenever I wanted and eating whenever I wanted. mannn I was spoiled! my new schedule has me waking up at 520am(!) to workout and have a good breakfast so I can be at work by 730, where I run around making coffee for 8 hours, eat sporadically, consume far more caffeine than can possibly be healthy and am home by 430 where I experience an serious caffeine crash and the day catches up with me. the evening yoga class had to be skipped tonight :(. until I adjust to this new routine, once I am on my couch, there is no prying me off of it! I know, I know, I need to suck it up and stop complaining because this is not that big a deal, but I just can’t wait till I feel like my old, energetic self again! definitely going to try and be more organized with my food tomorrow…at least that way I can get some solid nutrition in in-between all the craziness!

my evening in a nutshell- Jessie’s Tea (by David’s Tea) and The Thrive Diet

tea and a good book….no better combination. perfect to wind down after a crazy busy day :). And don’t worry, that tea is rooibos (naturally caffeine-free!)

please excuse the clutter in the background…my house is definitely one you could say “it looks lived in”. And it’s better that way right?

7 thoughts on “adjusting

  1. Curious what kind of coffee you are making? Sounds a little like my life! I work for a roaster here in town and pretty much spend my days in and out of cafes and restaurants! You can imagine the discipline required to stay away from all the lattes (my old lunch) and baked treats! You’ll get there!

    • I just started working at a cafe as a barista. So it ranges from simple tea, to full-fledged dessert-like drinks like frappucinos and decadent hot chocolates. I am doing fairly well after the initial hurdle. Decided that a soy green tea latte is my best bet when I’m feeling like I want something. Not idea (almond milk would be better) but I am trying to make it work :). They also sell some half decent granola bars which have good ingredients. Just have to learn all the healthy tricks lol.

      Thanks for the support!

      • No worries! We have 10 of our own cafes here and we do all the good stuff too – barista-ing (as I like to call it) is tough work, especially if you aren’t used to being on your feet all day :) Take it easy!

  2. I feel you – I juuuust started working again and it does totally throw you off. Definitely had to re-learn how to plan out my days/meals again!

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